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McGuire Twins Return To Rec

Johnson City Press-Chronicle – August 26, 1973

Another night of all star wrestling will be held at the Rec Building on Legion Street Tuesday night.

The main event will be a grudge tag battle featuring Jerry Lawler and Scorpion with manager Sam Bass going against The McGuire Twins (Benny and Billy) whose total weight is 1,350 lbs.

Grudge Tag, McGuires In Spotlight

The Tennessean – November 22, 1972

A grudge six-man tag and the return of the McGuire Twins feature tonight’s wrestling card at Fairgrounds Arena.

THE SIX-man affair which pits Tojo Yamamoto, Great Fuji and Cowboy Frankie Lane against Bobby Hart, Lorenzo Parente and their manager, Dan Duffy, will have no time limit and no disqualification.

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Saturday Wrestling Slated At Mebane

Burlington Times-News – July 15, 1977

MEBANE – The world’s largest twins, Benny and Billy McGuire, will be featured when the East Central Wrestling Association returns to the Eastern Alamance High School gym Saturday night.

The matches, sponsored by the Zeus Temple Shriners, will begin at 8:15 p.m.

The McGuire Twins weigh 1,500 pounds (combined weight) and they will be going against the Masked Maulers in the featured event on a program that also will feature a Battle Royal and Brass Knucks bout.

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Wrestling Ad

The Clarion Ledger – October 24, 1973

Morning Briefing

Los Angeles Times – September 13, 1976

Speaking of diets, here is a typical breakfast for Benny and Billy McGuire, the wrestling twins from Hendersonville, N.C.: A dozen eggs, a loaf of toast and couple of pounds of bacon.  That’s for each.

For dinner, each one is likely to have three or four 12-ounce steaks, four of five baked potatoes and a half gallon of iced tea.

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McGuire Twins Face Tough Pair

Panama City News-Herald – March 24, 1974

THEY’RE MCGUIRES – Here are three McGuires.  The hefty ones are the McGuire Twins, 1,400 pounds between them, who will wrestle Thursday night at Rainbow Garden.  Promoter Rocky McGuire is in the center.

The famous McGuire Twins, with a total weight of 1,400 pounds between them, will take on Billy Spears and Gorgeous George, Jr., in a tag team wrestling match in one of the main events next Thursday night at Rainbow Garden.

The McGuire Twins usually wind up smearing their foes but Spears and George have proved tough in previous matches here and figure to be hard to handle.

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All-Star Professional Wrestling Ad

Kingsport Times-News – July 29, 1973

Twins Returning To Johnson City

Johnson City Press-Chronicle – March 2, 1975

The world’s largest and heaviest wrestlers, the McGuire Twins, Benny and Billy, are coming to Johnson City to fight at this week’s Tuesday night wrestling at the Legion Street Recreation Center.

The McGuire Twins whose total weight is 1,350 pounds will fight a tag battle against Dutch Mantell and Sam Bass.

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 24, 1978
By Clark DeLeon
Inquirer Staff Writer

The rotund McGuires will be riding motorbikes this weekend where, where they hope to make a splash

Benny and Billy McGuire weight 727 pounds and 747 pounds respectively and they are billed as the world’s fattest twins, a distinction they have turned into a lucrative livelihood.  This weekend they will make an appearance at the Downington Farmers Market.

Think of Bill Cosby’s character Fat Albert calling from a distance as he starts his run to rush the opposition in a game of buck-buck.  “Hey, hey, hey,” he growls as his feet pound the ground boom, boom, boom sending shivers through the earth.  “What’s this?” asks a member of the other team. “That’s our secret weapon,” says Cos with a knowing smile.  “Hey, Hey, Hey” the voice grows louder as the steps come closer.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

The ground around the challenging team shakes violently.  Somwhere a needle on the Richter Scale leaps.  The last man on the buck-buck team turns in time to see the sun blotted out by a massive form on its final approach.  “HEY, HEY, HEY,” Fat Albert cries while taking his last three steps.  DOOM, DOOM, DOOM… SPLAT!

Fat Albert, of course, is a Philadelphia legend.  But if such a person existed, and if he were white, and if he hailed from Hendersonville, N.C., and if there were two of him, then their names would be Billy and Benny McGuire.

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McGuire Twins Squash Hines

Panama City News-Herald – March 30, 1974

The McGuire Twins, all 1,400 pounds of them, won their wrestling match at Rainbow Garden, but it had an unusual twist.  When Bad Boy Hines went to the aid of Billy Spears and Gorgeous George, they fled the ring, leaving Hines to be squashed between the twins.

Dick Dunn and Ken Lucas beat Hines and Rock Riddle in a tag match.  Riddle won from Chief Thundercloud, and Duke Miller won his match with The Medic, who unmasked and revealed himself as Tony Gonzalez.