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Boesch Is Pinned By Dick Shikat

New York Sun, June 14, 1935

Dick Shikat, German wrestler, defeated Paul Boesch of Brooklyn in the main bout at the Jamaica Arena last night, after 26:21 of spirited work. Shikat substituted for Rudy Dusek of Omaha, and proved to be a suitable opponent for the big Brooklynite. Shikat started in furious fashion and seemed determined to make short work of the bout. However, Boesch gave Shikat plenty of trouble and at one time appeared on the verge of throwing the German. Continue reading

Last Night’s Mat Results At The Olympic

Los Angeles Times –  January 12, 1933

Ray Steele won over George Zaharias in the main event of Lou Daro’s wrestling match last night at the Olympic by gaining the “rubber” fall with a full nelson in 16m. and 50s. A istic fight between the gladiators followed, but Daro separated them before any bodily harm was done. Continue reading

Greek Capitalizes On ‘Break’ To Triumph

Philadelphia Inquirer – May 3, 1928
By Perry Lewis

Outwrestled for one hundred out of the hundred and ten minutes, his shoulders within a few inches of the floor time after time as a crafty and profound student of mat tactics resorted to every trick of grappling, Jim Londos raised his curly black head from the aches of defeat at the Arena last night, and in one magnificent explosion of energy scored one of the most impressive triumphs of his career by flattening John Pesek.

The fall came one hour and fifty minutes after the men had come to grips, and the hold that established Londos as the outstanding challenger of the world’s championship held by Strangler Lewis was a Japanese headlock. Continue reading

German Thrown By Yank

Tacoma News Tribune – August 4, 1925

Henry Steinborn, the German giant and physical wonder, went down before Dick Daviscourt, nationally known American heavyweight, in an exciting match Monday night at the Auditorium. Daviscourt’s skill overcame the greater strength of Steinborn. Daviscourt took the first fall, while the German strong man took the second. The third and deciding fall went to the American. Continue reading

Londos Beats Dusek In 58 Minutes

Washington Post – June 5, 1931
By Bob Considine

Twelve thousand roaring fans last night saw the syndicate’s heavyweight wrestling crown totter on the head of Jim Londos, first hanging precariously on one side and then just caught on the flange of his bitten ear, as Rudy Dusek gave the “Greek gawd” his worst evening since Ray Steele was defeated in New York nearly a month ago. Continue reading

Londos Defends Title At Spiller Field

Atlanta Constitution – July 9, 1930

Jimmy Londos retained his heavyweight wrestling title Tuesday night at Spiller Field when he forced Dick Daviscourt to two falls with the famous Japanese toe hold, a jui jitsu variation with which Londos defeated Dick Shikat to win the title. Peter Sauer won from Tom Marvin in an exciting semi windup. Continue reading

Marshall Victor Over Stasiak In Two Falls

Los Angeles Times – January 24, 1930

Everett Marshall, the blond young collegian who is making wrestling history in Los Angeles, advanced another step toward the heavyweight mat title by defeating Stanley Stasiak, the Polish man-mountain, in two straight falls last night at the Olympic Auditorium. Continue reading

Daviscourt Wins One-Fall Match With Browning

Wichita Eagle – May 29, 1925

Dick Daviscourt headlocked his way to victory over Jim Browning in a one-fall match at the Forum last night, winning in 57 minutes. Daviscourt placed five consecutive headlocks before he was able to pin Browning, and the Wichita boy left the ring in a dazed condition, unable to return for the second fall. Continue reading

Daviscourt Meets Steinborn Next

Wichita Eagle – April 22, 1925

Dick Daviscourt and Henry Steinborn will meet on the next wrestling card here April 29, announced Tom Law, local promoter, last night. Stanislaus Zbyszko, world’s champion, wired yesterday that he would be unable to come here for the April 29 show. He will probably come later, however, and may meet the winner of the Steinborn-Daviscourt match. Continue reading

Daviscourt Knows Too Much About Wrestling Game

Wichita Eagle – April 30, 1925

Dick Daviscourt won from Milo Steinborn, the “Strong Man” wrestler, in straight falls at the Forum Wednesday night, taking the first in 49 minutes with a double wristlock and the second in 19 minutes with a headlock. Daviscourt’s science proved superior over Steinborn’s strength. The match was featured by a lot of lively exchanges, however. Continue reading