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Wrestling Set Tonight

Nashua Telegraph – January 25, 1979

A six-bout card of professional wrestling action will take place tonight at 8 p.m. at the Nashua Coliseum, which is located behind the Nashua Mall.

In the featured main event, Ivan “Polish Power” Putski takes on the “Iron Greek,” Spiros Arion, in a one-fall, one-hour time limit encounter.

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Hundreds Cheer Program Held At Fairgrounds

Harrisburg IL Daily Register – September 7, 1948

The athletic show, which included both boxing and wrestling, was the climax of the gigantic all-day Labor Day program sponsored by the Harrisburg Trades and Labor Assembly. In spite of a sea of mud around the ring caused by yesterday’s rainfall, the grandstand was overflowing and people stood all the way around the fence. They were not disappointed by the entertainment.

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Dusty Doesn’t Disappoint This Time

St. Petersburg Independent – April 21, 1980
By Gene Taylor

Almost no one in the crowd of about 7,000 fans at the Bayfront Arena Saturday night was disappointed when Dusty Rhodes’ arm was raised in victory over Harley Race for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight championship.

Some of his fans have found it hard to forgive Dusty for losing the heavyweight title to Race, only a week after winning it from him less than a year ago in the same arena.

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Stepping Back In Time At Old County Hall

Charleston Post & Courier – April 5, 1998
By Mike Mooneyham

If you build it, they will come.

Henry Marcus did many years ago, and for several decades they came in droves.

County Hall was the place to be on Friday nights, and Marcus was the man who promoted weekly wrestling shows that put this town on the map as a mat mecca. Continue reading

Stojack Winner In Feature Bout

Spokane Daily Chronicle – August 2, 1957

Frank Stojack, Tacoma’s wrestling politician, took the last two falls to best Chico Bonales of Mexico, in the wrestling main event at the Interstate Fairgrounds last night. Continue reading

Whoops, My Dear

The Tuscaloosa News – August 10, 1957

Hild Moolah 8-9-57

A burly truck driver foolhardy enough to get between these playful dolls probably would have his head handed to him.  Helen Hild flashes a smile as she plays bounce with Fabulous Moolah.  The latter bounced back to win in the first women’s wrestling match to be held in Seattle in 11 years.  And they say woman’s place is at home.


Ocala Star-Banner – August 11, 1985
By Patti Griffiths
Lifestyles Editor

Moolah 8-11-85

“Wrestling’s fun. I love the money.”

Works Hard For The Money

She’s called “The Fabulous Moolah.”  The way they build her up you expect to see her break the door down, teeth bared, eyes blazing, as she enters for an interview with the press. Continue reading

Big Crowd Sees Women Grapplers

The Spokesman-Review – July 26, 1957

More than 3000 fans turned up at the fairgrounds last night to see Spokane’s first women’s professional wrestling match in years. Continue reading

Moolah Wins Title Match

The Vancouver Sun – September 13, 1966

Don Leo Jonathan, Don Denucci and Paul Jones defeated Dutch Savage, Don Jardine and John Tolos in the professional wrestling main event before 2,246 fans at Exhibition Gardens Monday night.

In the featured girls’ match, world champion Fabulous Moolah retained her title by beating Donna Costello two falls out of three.

In other matches, Betty Boucher and Judy Grable drew, Kinji Shibuya defeated Roy McClarty, and Duke Miller and Eric Froelich drew.