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Ed Lewis To Quit Wrestling

United Press – December 11, 1937

NEW YORK — Ed (Strangler) Lewis cocked a cauliflower ear to the warnings of time today and announce he would retire from the wrestling ring and live in Hollywood with his wife. Continue reading

5,000 Crowd Well Pleased At Verdict

San Francisco Chronicle – January 3, 1917
By Harry B. Smith

Strangler Ed Lewis and Ad Santel wrestled 2 hours and 31 minutes to a draw decision last night at Civic Auditorium and when Referee Al Williams raised the arms of both men in unison to indicate an even break not even the most partisan of Santel’s admirers could complain as to the ruling. There were no falls; no advantage that would have given either wrestler even so much as a shade verdict and it was a fitting end to a night’s entertainment that even surpassed the previous engagement between the same pair.

That extra minute of wrestling was thrown in by the timekeeper, who made the mistake of working the match with a stop-watch and checking each sixty seconds on pencil and paper. Somehow or other, in the excitement that punctuated the bout from start to finish, he skipped a count and the result was a little more mat work than had been the bargain. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis To Wrestle Tiger Marsh

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot – December 7, 1941

The greatest wrestler of modern times, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, four times world’s heavyweight champion, comes back to Norfolk next Wednesday night to wrestle Tiger Joe Marsh in a special match of another outstanding card to be presented by Promoter Bill Lewis at the Auditorium. It will be a one-fall bout. Lewis refereed the Marsh-Ryan match here last week. Continue reading

‘Strangler’ Lewis To Meet Thesz On Mat

Bremerton Sun – September 7, 1945

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, one of the all-time greats of the wrestling game, will be the headliner of the newly organized Sportsmen’s Club grappling program next Thursday night at the Civic Center here.

This card will mark the resumption of the mat game in Bremerton after a six-week layoff. The new Sportsmen’s Club, with Vic Sinkunas as the promoter, has taken over the local wrestling enterprise from the Globe A.C. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis On Post Benefit Card

Washington Post – December 14, 1941

Once again the once familiar figure of Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the man who made the headlock famous, and who has been called one of wrestledom’s immortals, returns to action next Thursday night at Turner’s Arena on the card which The Washington Post Neediest Family Fund will benefit to the extent of 10 per cent of the proceeds. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis On Oakland Card

The Evening News, San Jose, California – June 16, 1933

OAKLAND, June 16 (UP). – Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, former world’s heavy weight wrestling champion, will meet “Tiny” Roebuck, 275-pound Choctaw Indian, in a two-hour time limit wrestling match here tonight.

Strangler Lewis in Win Over Ad Santel

San Francisco Chronicle – April 29, 1933

Strangler Lewis won two out of three falls from Ad Santel in their feature wrestling match last night in the Oakland Auditorium. Lewis won the first fall in twenty-four minutes with a headlock, lost the second in six minutes when he quit to a Japanese leglog, and won the third by twisting halfway out of another leglock and pinning Santel’s shoulders to the mat in seven minutes. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis In Title Campaign

Seattle Times – January 11, 1933

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, many-time heavyweight champion wrestler of the world, is campaigning for undisputed possession of that title once again, in “wrestling matches” rather than the present-day “exhibitions.” The veteran heavyweight made that declaration here yesterday. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis Had It All Mapped Out

Referee – August 19, 1937

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, mastodon of the mat and five times heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, is due in Sydney at the end of the month. Lewis is under engagement to Stadiums Ltd. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis Got Double X In Mix At NY, Is Charge

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – March 5, 1933
by Mark Kelly, Universal Syndicate

LOS ANGELES, March 4 — The most interesting sports story that could be written is that of the rise and fall of Ed (Strangler) Lewis, five times heavyweight champion of those beeg, strong fellas, Mr. Lewis will not oblige.   He could, but the union rules say he musn’t.   His is a game that the light of “pitiless publicity” cannot stand, yet there are times in the ups and downs of every rassler when he wants to hire himself the town lot, a loudspeaker and the radio rights while he tells the cock-eyed world what a frowsy, lousy game rasslin’ really is. Continue reading