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Grappling Match A Peach On Paper

Great Falls Daily Tribune – June 24, 1915

Middleweight wrestling champion of Europe, who has entered the light heavy class to take on Joe Heinrich of Spokane on Saturday night.

Coming Bout Between Irslinger and Heinrich Promises to Be a Thriller

Positively the best wrestling match staged here since the Busch-Beeman contest several years ago is that scheduled for the circus tent on Saturday night, when Henry Irslinger and Joe Heinrich meet.

There is no gainsaying that these two men are the best in the light heavy class in this country, and on general appearances and past performances there isn’t a pin’s difference between the men.

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Irslinger Arrives Here To Train For Brown Match

The Houston Post – June 16, 1920

Henry Irslinger, who meets Pet Brown at the city auditorium Friday night, arrived in Hourston Monday from Wichita Falls, where he defeated Pete Sauers, who recently showed here.  Irslinger pinned Sauer in 48 minutes.  Irslinger also claims a fall from Clarence Eklund in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Continue reading

Four Hours Without Fall

New York Tribune – February 22, 1913

Wrestling Bout Between Bothner and Irslinger Is Halted.

A new record in wrestling was established when Henry Irslinger, the middleweight and light heavyweight champion of Europe, and George Bothner, the national lightweight champion, grappled for almost four hours yesterday morning at Brown’s Gymnasium without either contestant gaining a fall. Continue reading

Bothner Will Not Down

New York Tribune – January 24, 1913

Irslinger Tries Hard, but Loses in Wrestling Match.

Henry Irslinger, of Germany, the middleweight and light heavyweight wrestling champion of Europe, miserably failed to down George Bothner, the American champion, even once, in their encounter at Brown’s Gymnasium last night.  The German agreed to gain three falls on his adversary within an hour, but he found Bothner such a tartar that he was unable to pin the American’s shoulders to the mat. Continue reading


The Argus – February 28, 1929

PERTH, Wednesday. – Henry Irslinger, former middle-weight wrestling champion of the world, challenged Walter Miller, middle-weight champion of the world, to a contest in Perth.

Irslinger v. Pergantes

The West Australian – November 28, 1928

Claiming that he has greatly improved his condition during his season in Western Australia, Henry Irslinger is confident of his ability to turn the tables on Louis Pergantes – the only man who has beaten him in Australia.  They will wrestle eight ten-minute rounds at His Majesty’s Theatre on Friday night.  Since his arrival in Perth on Friday last, Pergantes, a Greek, has been training systematically.  His numerous matches against all-comers in the Eastern States has worked him into good condition.  He is anxious to prove himself here in order that he might secure a match with his countryman, Kilonis, when the latter visits Perth. Continue reading

Boganski v. Irslinger

The West Australian – October 17, 1928

The wrestling match between Henry Irslinger, former world’s champion, and George Boganski, the clever Pole, at the Subiaco Oval on Friday night is attracting considerable interest.  The bouts already decided in Perth have left Irslinger and Boganski the outstanding wrestlers, Irslinger for his wonderful ring strategy against Burmister and Alley, and Boganski for his variety, speed and strength.  Both men are training hard for the contest, their tussles with their respective partners indicating their determination to secure the right to contest the world-title match with Eklund in Adelaide at the end of the month. Continue reading

Tom Alley V. Henry Irslinger

The Sunday Times, Perth – September 30, 1928

Match Fixed for Wednesday

Tom Alley (the “wrestling Mormon”) and Henry Irslinger (conqueror of Sam Burmister) will meet under Cliff Derby’s management at the Theatre Royal on Wednesday night in a wrestling bout of eight ten-minute rounds. Continue reading

Irslinger v. Boganski

The West Australian – October 29, 1928

Two popular wrestlers in George Boganski and Henry Irslinger will meet in an eight 10-minute rounds contest in His Majesty’s Theatre on Friday night.  These two light-heavy-weights should provide an exciting and spectacular bout.  They were to have met on the Subiaco Oval some weeks ago, but the match had to be postponed because Boganski sustained an injury while training.  He has fully recovered, and his work during the past week has made his supporters confident that the victories of Irslinger will be checked on Friday night.  Irslinger on the other hand, states that he has not been in such good condition for a long while, having worked solidly on the mat with Tom Alley for the latter’s contest with Burmister.  The match should be marked by science and speed.

Ten rounds of boxing will precede the wrestling contest.  Box plans are at J. Gleeson’s Hay-street.

Pergantes v. Irslinger

The West Australian – November 29, 1928

Wrestling enthusiasts are speculating as to whether Henry Irslinger, former middle-weight champion of the world, who has yet to lose a match in Perth, can turn the tables on Louis Pergantes, who caused him to surrender in their match in Melbourne.  They will wrestle eight 10-minute rounds in His Majesty’s Theatre to-morrow night.  Irslinger has proved himself in Perth, and the fact that Pergantes beat him in Melbourne stamps the Greek as a wrestler of class.  Pergantes has also figured against men of the type of Thye, Zarynoff, and Eklund.  He is on the trail of Kilonis, who claims the heavy-weight championship of Greece, and as that wrestler may soon be in Perth, Pergantes is anxious to justify himself to-morrow night.

Twelve rounds of boxing will precede the wrestling.  Box plans for the programme are on view at J. Gleeson’s, Hay-street.