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Zbyszko Wins Mat Feature

Albany Evening News – August 9, 1933

Kick to Chin Upsets Siki in Main Bout at Stadium

A well placed kick to the chin enabled Karol Zbyszko of Chicago to defeat a heavier and stronger opponent in the main match of the Albany Sports Club wrestling show in Hawkins Stadium last night.

Zbyszko was wrestling Reginald Siki, Senegalese who holds the European championship, and was behind on points despite his best efforts.  The Negro’s greater weight and strength seemed too much of a handicap.  Siki however, grabbed both of Zbyszko’s legs after 44 minutes of grappling and stood erect in an effort to force Zbyszko’s shoulders to the mat.

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Becker At Camden

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 27, 1944

George Becker swings into heavyweight wrestling action against the undefeated Black Terror at Camden Convention Hall tonight.  They are scheduled to go 90 minutes, two out of three falls.  Murray Rothenberg and Fred Grubmier meets Jim Austeri and Pat Welsh in a team match, while Rudy Dusek tackles Dutch Rohde and Matros Kirilenko clashes with Joe Myers in single bouts.

George Becker Wins

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 28, 1944

George Becker won the final two falls to defeat the Black Terror in the windup of last night’s wrestling card at Camden Convention Hall.  Fred Grubmier threw Joe Myers in 14:14 in the opener, Herman Rohde threw Rudy Dusek in 21:20 and in the team match Fred Grubmier and Murray Rothenberg defeated Matros Kirillinko and Jim Austeri in the best of three falls.

McCready’s Last Match

The Age – October 19, 1937

Earl McCready, the British Empire champion heavy weight wrestler, will have his last contest in Australia for the season against Sammy Stein, at West Melbourne, on Saturday.  He will arrive here from Sydney on Wednesday.  McCready is to leave for New Zealand to defend his Empire title against Lofty Blomfield, the New Zealand champion. Continue reading

Sandor Vary Wins At Fort Hamilton

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – July 29, 1936

Sandor Vary emerged victor over Olaf Olsen after 32 minutes of grappling last night at Fort Hamilton.  Pete Petersen drew with Matros Kirilenko, Gene Bruce won over Ernie Stevens, Mannie Cantor tossed Firpo Wilcox and Jim Wright conquered Felix Slowikowski in the other bouts.

Jim Londos And Joe Savoldi Meet Tonight

Chicago Tribune – April 7, 1933

Jim Londos and Joe Savoldi will wrestle tonight at the Stadium in the main bout of a five-match program. The encounter is to be decided by one fall, with a time limit of an hour and a half.

In one of the other bouts, Jim McMillen will meet George Zaharias. Matchmaker Coffey has promised McMillen that he will get a chance at the winner of the main bout at a later date if he is victorious tonight. Continue reading

Frenchman’s Debut

The Argus – November 13, 1937

Francois Fouche, the French wrestler, who will have his first Australian contest against Matros Kirilenko, the Russian, at the West Melbourne Stadium to-night, is a clever leg wrestler. He also specialises in a “Boston crab.” Continue reading

French Wrestler Arrives

The Argus – November 10, 1937

Francois Fouche, the French wrestler, arrived from Sydney by aeroplane yesterday for his contest with Matros Kirilenko, of Russia, at West Melbourne on Saturday night. Fouche is a magnificently pro- portioned athlete. He is 6ft. 4in. in height and weighs about 16st. 71b. He has been wrestling for 11 years, and has had about 700 contests. Continue reading

Fouche in Training

The Argus – November 12, 1937

Francois Fouche, the French wrestler, who meets Matros Kirilenko, the Russian, at the West Melbourne Stadium on Saturday night, trained strenuously yesterday with Geoff Weber, the young Victorian. Fouche intends to remain in Australia for some time, and he will wrestle throughout the summer at the Leichhardt Stadium, Sydney.

Jones Faces Veteran In Romano

Washington Post – December 9, 1931

Five mat bouts of the less publicized, but invariably more sincere type, make up tomorrow night’s weekly rasslefest at the Washington Auditorium. With the possible exception of George Kotsonaros, none of the boys showing tomorrow night are headed any particular place in the bone-bending profession, but are good journeymen matsters, willing to take and give all sorts of excruciating holts and not a few clips on the ebeneezer. Continue reading