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World’s Title At Stake In Mat Duel

Los Angeles Herald Express – December 23, 1936

The world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, Dean Detton, says he isn’t any Christmas present for Sandor Szabo, the handsome Hungarian. Detton defends his title tonight in a rematch at the Olympic at three falls to a finish.

This match tops a seven-bout program arranged by promoter Jack Daro. Also featured on the card will be the one and only Man Mountain Dean. The M.M. is meeting his arch enemy of the mat, Chief Little Wolf, the Indian death grip artist.

Detton bounded back in here to straighten out Szabo, the experts contend. Two weeks ago this pair met in a hectic engagement at the Olympic. Detton had his hand raised at the end of the one hour and ten minutes of wrestling.

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Szabo Tossed By Lopez After Long Mat Match

Los Angeles Times – October 24, 1935

Senor Vincent Lopez and Sandor Szabo, a couple of healthy young men who take their rassling so seriously that they require a whole evening to settle a question of supremacy on the mat, kept 10,400 grunt-and-groan fans up until way after bedtime last night at the Olympic.

Senor Lopez finally flopped his Hungarian foe, but not until after one hour, thirty-five minutes and thirty seconds of hectic activity that had the customers in what is technically known as a lather of excitement. And there’s no telling how long the marathon match might have lasted if Lopez hadn’t clipped Szabo from behind with a flying tackle that wrecked the Hungarian Adonis’s shapely kneecap.

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Lopez, Laditzi to Tangle Tonight In Mat Joust

The San Bernardino Sun – December 22, 1939

San Bernardino Club Offers Program of Wrestling

Vincent Lopez, Mexican heavyweight wrestler and former state champion, tops the mat card tonight at the San Bernardino Athletic club.

Lopez tackles Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., grappler, in the three-fall main event. The bout looms as an all-action affair, inasmuch as both Lopez and Laditzi are aggressive wrestlers.

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Rudy Laditzi Meets Lopez In Mat Bout

The San Bernardino Sun – March 24, 1940

Vincent Lopez, pride of Mexico, and Rudy Laditzi, the rough and tough Hungarian, clash in the feature two out of three falls wrestling match at the San Bernardino Athletic club, Friday night.

In another outstanding tussle Nick Lutze of Los Angeles will maul with Max Krauser, the ‘rugged Lithuanian In a one fall match limited to 30 minutes.

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Vincent Lopez Downs Laditzi in Mat Co

The San Bernardino Sun – March 30, 1940

Vincent Lopez, popular Mexican matman, roughed his way to a two-fall victory over Rudy (Rowdy) Laditzi, the Hungarian butcher boy of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in the headline bout at the San Bernardino Athletic club last night.

Laditzi, who has rightfully gained the name of being as rough as they come in the grunt and groan fraternity, lost one fall in less than one minute when he was disqualified. He lost the second and deciding fall in 27 minutes and 14 seconds when Lopez used a body slam and press. The two heavyweights had just entered the ring and had been called for the usual instructions by Referee Bull Montaryi when Laditzi, still wearing his robe, attacked Lopez and pinned his shoulders.

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Lopez Tackles Laditzi In Mat Go Tonight

The San Bernardino Sun – December 8, 1939

Vincent Lopez, pride of’ the large Mexican following in this section of the county, will return to the San Bernardino Athletic club tonight to oppose Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in the feature wrestling match.

Scheduled as a two out of three falls encounter with a time limit of one hour, the headline tussle assures a lot of rough action.

Lopez made a great showing last week in winning two of the three falls in a wild mix with Jules Strongbow, Oklahoma Indian. But Laditzi also came through with a rough and tumble win when he took two falls from Ramon Seville, a youth who lacked the experience of the Poughkeepsie butcher in the wrestling game.

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Lopez, Laditzi Meet In Mat Headliner

The San Bernardino Sun – December 3, 1939

Vincent Lopez. the strong Mexican grappler who recently won a rough and tumble matcn from Jules Strongbow, the 250-pound Indian, has been matched with Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, of Hungary, in the main event at the San Bernardino Athletic club Friday night.

One of the most popular matmen to appear at the San Bernardino club, Lopez faces a tartar in Laditzi, who is rugged enough to get away with his carefree tactics. He won from Ramon Seville Friday night in one of the roughest matches seen at the club in many weeks.

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Laditzi Loses Bout To Lopez

The San Bernardino Sun – December 23, 1939

Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, a mat ruffian, got some of his own treatment last night when he lost his wrestling match with Vincent Lopez at the San Bernardino Athletic club.

Laditzi took the first fall as the result of a back breaker in a little more than 22 minutes and hurt Lopez so badly that it was at first doubtful whether the Mexican grappler would be able to continue the match.

Lopez recovered, though, to turn on the heat after five minutes of careful maneuvering and end the bout by lifting Laditzi to the top of the ring ropes and bouncing the big Hungarian on his back.

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Garibaldi And Lopez Back Feature

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 14, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Everything but mayhem is expected to go tonight at the Olympic when Sandor Szabo, the handsome Hungarian, reaches out for Man Mountain Dean, the Hell’s Kitchen Hillbilly, in their three-fall finish match. Continue reading

Dean Injured As He Falls Before Szabo

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 15, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Man Mountain Dean, giant Georgia hillbilly wrestler, wasn’t kiddin’ in the least last night at the Olympic Auditorium as he lay on the canvas moaning:

“My leg, my leg! It’s broken!”

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