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High Schools Find Professional Wrestling A Pot Of Gold

Orlando Sentinel – July 29, 1988
By Alan Schmadtke

MOUNT DORA — Gene Bebber can remember watching television as a child and changing channels to watch professional wrestling. It was something his friends did as well, he said, something about which they could see drama unfold with each fireman’s carry. Continue reading

Wrestlers To Square Off At The Orleans

Las Vegas View – March 3, 1999
By Kirk Kern

When “Buffalo” Jim Barrier staged the first graduation/exhibition for Buffalo Jim’s Wrestling School, more than 2,200 people showed up.

“At that point, I figured we’d better get an arena and put on a big show,” Barrier said.

Barrier chose the arena at The Orleans for the first Buffalo Wrestling Federation card, scheduled for March 20. Continue reading

Windy City Wrestling Brings In Big Guys

Cedar Rapids Gazette – December 20, 1998
By Adam Lowenstein

There are no 10-foot video screens or fancy pyrotechnics at the matches and some of the muscle-bound participants toil 40 hours a week in their “regular” jobs. But please don’t call the professional Windy City Wrestling organization minor league. Continue reading

Wrestlers Stir Q-C Mob Into Lather

Quad-City Times – December 12, 1984
By Craig Cooper

Give us your tired, your wretched, your poor, your weak-minded, your infirm, your zombies yearning to see blood spilled. Charge them $6, $8 and $10 per seat, and you’ve got a pro wrestling crowd. Continue reading

Big-Name Wrestlers Hit The Mat At UO Event

The Oregonian – May 20, 2001
By Alice Tallmadge

EUGENE – With thumping rock ‘n’ roll pumping up a sparse crowd, the “Anarchy at Piper’s Pit” wrestling card at UO’s McArthur Court began with “Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush (Vancouver, British Columbia) taking on the Mad Bomber of Montana. To the delight of the patriotic crowd, Lush got trounced. Continue reading

A Strong Arm Beats A Funk

The Miami News – November 7, 1974

Bob Armstrong retained his North American heavyweight wrestling championship last night, winning by disqualification over Dory Funk Jr., before 3,677 fans at Miami Beach Auditorium.

Continue reading

Wrestling For Jesus

Pioneer Press – May 23, 2005
By Bob Shaw

In his role as a fisher of men, Ted DiBiase says some fish “require different bait.” He and his friends cast their lure from the mat.

“The Animal” smacked Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake to the canvas, then separated the stunned man’s legs to prepare him for a swift kick in the groin. Continue reading

Main Event Pro Wrestling

Eagan Thisweek – April 30, 2005

Destiny’s Main Event is coming to the Twin Cities, hosted by Destiny Christian Center in Burnsville. Continue reading

Adventures Of The Psychotic Sandman

Daily Kansan – April 30, 1999
By Ezra Sykes

The Psychotic Sandman paces outside the ring. Continue reading

Patterson, Mulligan Fight To No Decision

Savannah Morning News – March 11, 1977
By Floyd Hendricks Sr.

Thunderbolt Patterson, shouting “I want him,” had to settle for a “no decision verdict” in his U.S. heavyweight championship match at the Savannah Civic Center arena Thursday night against the current titleholder, Blackjack Mulligan.

Both Patterson and Mulligan were outside the ring fighting when the referee counted to 10, in effect, disqualifying both. The match started out the same way, with Mulligan apparently telling Patterson he wanted the challenger to shine his boots. Patterson took it the wrong way and commenced beating on the champ.

And that’s the way the eight-minute match ended.

In the semifinal bout, Chief Wahoo McDaniel was awarded the victory after Korean Kim Duk threw salt in his eyes. Duk uses salt to “drive away evil spirits” before a match by sprinkling it on the canvas. It is a custom originated by Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Dino Bravo put an airplane spin on Mr. X and he and his partner, Tiger Conway, whipped Mr. X and Brute Bernard in the tag team bout on the card in 20 minutes.

In other matches, Crusher Blackwell and Big Bill Dromo wrestled to a 20-minute, time-limit draw, and Johnny Eagle pinned Two Ton Harris in the opening match.

The next matches will be March 20, with Andre the Giant taking on Mulligan in the main event. Rufus R. Jones and the Mighty Igor will face the Hollywood Blondes in a tag match, and Red Bastien will face Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Johnny Eagle and Mr. X tangle and Cowboy Frankie Lane and Larry Sharpe battle it out.

Because it is a Sunday evening program, the matches will begin at 7:30 p.m. instead of the regular time. Advance tickets can be purchased at Fox’s Family Restaurant in Savannah and at Miller’s Market in Beaufort, S.C.

Mar. 20 (Sunday) — Andre the Giant beat Blackjack Mulligan cor, Frankie Lane vs. Larry Sharpe, Johnny Eagle vs. Mr. X, Red Bastien vs. Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Mighty Igor-Rufus R. Jones vs. Jerry Brown-Buddy Roberts

Apr. 7 (Thursday) — Ric Flair-Greg Valentine beat Rufus R. Jones-Johnny Weaver (world tag title defense), Ricky Steamboat beat Scott Irwin, Johnny Eagle beat Butch Malone, Francisco Flores drew Tony Rousso, Two Tony Harris beat Joey Rossi