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Szabo Tossed By Lopez After Long Mat Match

Los Angeles Times – October 24, 1935

Senor Vincent Lopez and Sandor Szabo, a couple of healthy young men who take their rassling so seriously that they require a whole evening to settle a question of supremacy on the mat, kept 10,400 grunt-and-groan fans up until way after bedtime last night at the Olympic.

Senor Lopez finally flopped his Hungarian foe, but not until after one hour, thirty-five minutes and thirty seconds of hectic activity that had the customers in what is technically known as a lather of excitement. And there’s no telling how long the marathon match might have lasted if Lopez hadn’t clipped Szabo from behind with a flying tackle that wrecked the Hungarian Adonis’s shapely kneecap.

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Bob Russell Will Tackle Tough Foe

Madera Daily Tribune And Madera Mercury – June 11, 1935

When Bob “Rebel’’ Russell, the Georgia Hurricane, climbs Into the ring at Hyan’s auditorium Wednesday night, hundreds of valley wrestling fans will be pulling for him to dole out a decisive lacing to King Kong Ted Cox, the Lodi slugger.

Russell in his past two bouts here has proved himself big enough and rough enough to give the Lodi Larruper a dose of his own medicine. After Cox’s rough-house work last week when he subdued Wee Willie Davis scores of irate fans beseeched Matchmaker Don Price to put him against Russell. Hence, the match, which will be decided two out of three falls, two hour limit.

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O’Mahony Pins Russell After Absorbing Much Punishment

Trenton Evening Times – February 10, 1938

Danno O’Mahony, former world’s champion, won the feature wrestling match at the Arena last night when he gained two successive falls over Rebel Bob Russell, berserk Southerner, in a best two falls out of three match.

Referee John Scaman awarded O’Mahony the first fall in 38 minutes after disqualifying Russell for unnecessary roughness.  The Rebel, exponent of the rougher tactics employed in the game, had O’Mahony at his mercy for some 10 minutes as he proceeded to treat the former titleholder to an unmerciful drubbing.  Seaman repeatedy warned Russell to desist from using foul tactics, but the rowdy Southerner continued to pummel O’Mahony.  Seaman finally asserted his authority and sent Russell to his corner and raised O’Mahony’s hand to designate that he had won the fall.

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O’Mahony And Russell Clash In Windup At Arena Tonight

Trenton Evening Times – February 9, 1938

Danno O’Mahony

Who is the better matman and which can stand up longer under the punishment dealt out in a grueling contest will be settled tonight when Danno O’Mahony, former world’s champion, and Rebel Bob Russell, wild Southerner, meet in the feature bout of Johnny Ipp’s mat tourney at the Arena.

The public, which has seen both of these grappling firebrands in action, likes the Irishman’s chances to the extent of making him a slight favorite.

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Danno To Meet Villain Of Mat

Trenton Evening Times – February 8, 1938

Rebel Bob Russell Menaces Popular Irishman at Arena

Danno O’Mahony, streamlined Irishman and former titleholder, and Rebel Bob Russell, wild southerner, will display nothing in common, except courage and a desire to win, when they clash in the wrestling feature on Johnny Ipp’s weekly mat party at the Arena tomorrow night.

They will bring together the extremes in grappling.  O’Mahony, winner over Jimmy Londos, Don George, and Jim Browning, will represent the school of mat sciences.  Russell, ace villain, will represent no school and no science.

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K.O. Koverly Disqualified

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1940
By Al Wolf

Last night’s rassle class at the Olympic quite possibly had the rare good fortune ot see a shooting match, although such things have long been considered as extinct as the dodo bird.

A stranger who gave the name “Del Rosa” plunked down five bucks for a license and examination, borrowed a set of trunks from one of the boys and attempted to win a “C” note by staying 20 minutes with Lee Wykoff, who has been making that offer to the house weekly. Continue reading

Wykoff Puts Szabo Down In ‘Grudger’

Los Angeles Times – June 6, 1940
By Al Wolf

Sandor Szabo was the people’s choice in the recent heavyweight rasslin’ roundup, but Senor Szabo was injured en route and Lee Wykoff emerged the champion.

Ever since, Senor Szabo has been casting aspersions on Mr. Wykoff’s talents as a sinew snapper, much to the latter’s disgust. So last night they had it out at the Olympic before a jury of some 6,000 zealots. Continue reading

Wykoff Squelches Koverly To Win Wrestling Tourney

Los Angeles Times – May 16, 1940
By Al Wolf

Apparently all things must come to an end – even international heavyweight wrestling tournaments.

Jack Daro’s mat mammoth, which began in William Jennings Bryan’s heyday, according to oldtimers hereabouts, wound up last night at the Olympic with Lee Wykoff, a semi-bald party from little Nevada, Mo., the champion of champions, or something. Continue reading

Bill Hanson Pins Bill Longson

Sacramento Union – January 12, 1937

Bill Hanson proved the winner when the Coast champion scored two successive falls with leglocks in his feud with Bill Longson after losing the first, to win the main event wrestling match last night in Memorial Auditorium. Longson scored the first fall in 20 minutes, 19 seconds after roughing Hanson all the way with plenty of “dirty” tactics. Continue reading

Cox Downed By Nagurski In 40 Minutes

Washington Post – September 11, 1937
By Bob Garrison

Buckin’ Bronko Nagurski, the 236-pound blond wizard, who earned his reputation as an All-American football player who needed no interference, had to have the way cleared for him last night as he successfully defending his world’s heavyweight wrestling championship against Joe Cox, of Kansas, at Griffith Stadium. Continue reading