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Lawsuit Puts The Sleeper Hold On The Myths Of Pro Wrestling

Orlando Sentinel – October 29, 1989
By Rowland Stiteler of The Sentinel Staff

What made the lawsuit seem so preposterous was the obvious contradiction. Plaintiff gets hurt on the job, performing in the fashion his boss instructed him to. Plaintiff files big bucks damage suit. Nothing unusual about that – except that the plaintiff’s job was professional wrestling, where, supposedly, nearly everyone gets pummeled into a stupor in every match. Continue reading

Rhodes Headlines Wrestling Card

Rome News-Tribune – April 19, 1978

Things are apt to get a little “Dusty” Thursday night at Rome’s Memorial gymnasium, much to the delight of professional wrestling fans in the area.

Dusty Rhodes is returning to Rome that night to headline a four-match card that begins at 8:30 p.m.  The weekly programs are sponsored jointly by the Rome-Floyd Recreation Authority and Georgia Championship Wrestling, Inc. Continue reading

Ol’ Yellow Dog Rounds Up Ron Bass With The Help Of Cowpoke Dusty Rhodes

St. Petersburg Independent – January 11, 1984
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – With the help of Dusty Rhodes, the Yellow Dog saddled up Ron Bass and rode him to the second fall in a Lights Out Texas Death Match at the Sun Dome last night.  Black Bart arrived to save Bass from further indignity. Continue reading

Rhodes, Kox Win Feature

Palm Beach Post – February 6, 1979

Dusty Rhodes and Killer Karl Kox won the feature wrestling match last night by defeating Mr. Uganda and Jos le duc.  In a Florida title match, Jim Garvin retained his crown with a win over Sonny King. Continue reading

Dusty Doesn’t Disappoint This Time

St. Petersburg Independent – April 21, 1980
By Gene Taylor

Almost no one in the crowd of about 7,000 fans at the Bayfront Arena Saturday night was disappointed when Dusty Rhodes’ arm was raised in victory over Harley Race for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight championship.

Some of his fans have found it hard to forgive Dusty for losing the heavyweight title to Race, only a week after winning it from him less than a year ago in the same arena.

Maybe now they feel better. Continue reading

Dusty Rhodes, The Assassin Disqualified

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – April 26, 1976

Referee Stu Schwartz ended the feature match on Saturday night’s wrestling card at Robarts Sports Arena by calling a double disqualification on Dusty Rhodes and The Assassin at 12:41. Continue reading

Good Guy…

The Miami News – March 18, 1977
By Bill Brubaker

Virtue's Triumph His arms uplifted in victory, Dusty Rhodes has vanquished another baddie.

Virtue’s Triumph
His arms uplifted in victory, Dusty Rhodes has vanquished another baddie.

TAMPA – Tuesday evening, two hours before all the fun begins at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory.

Dusty Rhodes is laying back on his four-acre spread in Lutz, a small farming community north of town.

Soon, Dusty will be winning the hearts of 4,000 professional wrestling fans at the big-city Armory.  But that’s a world away. Continue reading

Dusty Rhodes To Visit CFCC Gym

Ocala Star-Banner – December 7, 1982

The Central Florida Community College Patriots will host a Championship Wrestling from Florida card on Dec. 17 at the Patriot gym.

The first match is slated for 8 p.m. Continue reading

Rhodes Bull Ropes Funk In Wrestling

The Miami News – April 8, 1976

Dusty Rhodes beat Terry Funk in a Texas bull rope match last night in the main event of the professional wrestling matches at Miami-Dade Community College North. Continue reading

Dusty Rhodes Is Living His Own American Dream

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – August 12, 1981
John Brockmann, Sports Editor

There is a true sports superstar coming to town this week.  He’ll pack the house, just as he always does.  He’ll more than likely leave a winner, which he almost always does.

Sometime after 10 p.m. Friday night in Robarts Sports Arena, the chanting will begin.  “Dusty… Dusty… Dusty”  It’ll become louder and louder until becoming a near roar before the man appears. Continue reading