Clara Still Girl Champ

San Francisco Chronicle – June 30, 1937
By Will Connolly

It was a genuine pleasure for the gentlemen at Dreamland last night to sit back comfortably and watch two young ladies pull hair without the gallant urge to separate the dears.

For the first time in our generation the ladies graced the arena with their lovely presence as Miss Clara Mortensen, champion lady rassler, forced Miss Rita Martinez to give up after 11 minutes and 10 seconds.

Miss Mortensen got a cruel hammerlock on Miss Martinez and twisted the little senorita’s arm so vigorously that she surrendered to the agony.

In answer to referee Joe Gardenfield’s inquiry: “Have you had enough, Rita? Do you say ‘Uncle’?” Miss Martinez said:

“I don’t say ‘Uncle,’ but I say ‘Aunty.’ Don’t forget I’m a lady.”

As I say, it was rare satisfaction for the gentlemen present to watch the ladies square off, knowing full well that nobody expected a gentleman to leave his seat and pull them apart with the admonition: “Here, here ladies! This is a genteel joint. You can’t fight here.”

Many a gentleman peacemaker who separated belligerent ladies at the price of a scratched face like that of an apprentice barber’s first patient sat back contentedly and let the ladies go to it.

A packed house worth approximately $4,000 in cash turned out as a compliment to the ladies.

Miss Martinez entered the ring with the rose of old Mexico in her black hair, but the State Athletic Commission employees, having no romance in their hearts, ordered her to remove it.

Miss Mortensen entered the ring with a black eye suffered in a match Monday night at Sacramento, but the commission did not order her to remove that.

The ladies engaged in hair pulling at the outset to the delight of the gentlemen customers, including married gentlemen who nudged their wives with “How do you like that, honey?” but honey didn’t think it was uproariously funny.

Miss Mortensen, chewing a stenographer’s wad of gum, visited such punishment on Miss Martinez that at one juncture the senorita climbed out of the ring and stuck out her tongue at her tormentor.

Referee Gardenfield warned Miss Martinez that this wasn’t a bit nice and ordered her to return to the ring and behave like a good girl.

For stay-at-home ladies who did not see the match, Miss Mortensen was attired in a smart outfit of brown tights and yellow sleeveless shirt. Miss Martinez affected a dazzling ensemble of blue tights and red shirt.

Vicente Lopez defeated Sandor Szabo in what was advertised as the main event. After each had taken one fall, both fell out of the ring and scuffled on the floor. Lopez returned to the arena first and kicked Szabo on his handsome jaw as the Hungarian was climbing back. Szabo was unable to recover in 20 seconds.

Milo Mortensen, brother of Miss Clara, lost a supporting match to Walter Underhill in 19:37 with a body scissors.

In other matches Abe Yourist dropkicked Bill Lewis, Jumbo Kennedy body slammed Cowboy Mallott, Tiny Roebuck threw both Ernie Peterson and Broncho Valdez, and Kimon Kudo drew with Bill Beth.

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