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The New Wrestling Champ

The Day Book – April 14, 1917

Earl Caddock - The New Wrestling Champ

It is with pleasure we introduce the new wrestling champion, Earl Caddock of Iowa.

On The Hoof

Saturday Evening Post – December 14, 1935
By Milton MacKaye

The standing of wrestling as a profit-making enterprise has received little attention in the economic journals, and even those publications devoted to the fevers of sport have been niggardly in space and headlines. There has been a general tendency to regard wrestling as a sort of little country cousin of the opulent boxing profession, a rude and primitive trial of strength persisting feebly in the backwoods sections, but destined ultimately to become as extinct as the broadsword. As a public spectacle, it has been rated just ahead of long-distance walking contests and the hop, skip, and jump, and considerably behind the breath-taking thrills and romance of puss-in-the-corner and the potato race. Continue reading

Around Our Town

Humboldt Standard – November 2, 1954
By Scoop Beal

With the announcement that world’s wrestling champion Lou Thesz would come to Eureka next Monday for a match at Municipal Auditorium, there came about much talk of wrestling champions through the ages – there are still a few oldtimers around that remember Frank Gotch as the greatest of them all – and there are the oldtimers who claim that “Strangler” Ed Lewis, champion during the “Golden Age” of sports, was the greatest matman that ever lived – the ruling body of wrestling in the U.S.A. is known as the National Wrestling Alliance – this organization recorded the champions of wrestling from 1905 to the present day, as follows: Continue reading

Wrestling Tourney Scheduled

The New York Times – November 25, 1917

A wrestling tournament at catch-as-catch-can style is to be held at the Lexington Theatre beginning Dec. 3.  Among those who are expected to compete are Earl Caddock, Wladek Zbyszko, Ed Lewis, Joe Stecher, Dr. B. F. Roller, Americus, Jess Westergard, Demetrus Tofalos, Alexander Thomas, Yussif Hussane, Cyclone Burns, Bob Managoff, Henry Ordeman, and John Freyburg.  They comprise the leading wrestlers of the country.

Wrestling’s Dream Match: Gagne Vs. Caddock

Police Gazette – March 1957
By Stanley Weston

By far the most proficient wrestler in the world today is Verne Gagne, a beady-eyed ex-football hero with thinning black hair, two college degrees and a yearly income larger than that of the President of the United States. To those devout mat fans who longingly remember the cat-like stalking of Joe Stecher, the grimly determined Frank Gotch and the inexhaustible repertoire of Earl Caddock, young Vernon (Verne) Gagne is the lone link between wrestling’s “golden age” and the present. Continue reading

Sandy’s Dope

Omaha World-Herald – April 24, 1918
By Sandy Griswold

HOTEL KNICKERBOCKER, New York, April 23 To Sandy Griswold, sporting editor of the World-Herald: In support of offer of $50,000 for a championship match between Earl Caddock and winner of Stecher-Lewis match in Madison Square Garden Friday evening, I have this day posted a certified check for $10,000 with John Doyle, whom every newspaper in New York will endorse as positively responsible. The match takes place July 4 or any date agreeable to contestants. JACK CURLEY. Continue reading

Smith To Referee Waterloo Match

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – June 7, 1917

Managers Of Earl Caddock And Joe Rogers Both Favor Him.

Wrestlers Are In The Pink

Rogers Has $2,500 To Wager That Caddock Cannot Throw Him In An Hour.

Waterloo, Ia., June 7. – Owing to a disagreement between Gene Melady, manager of Earl Caddock, and Larney Lichtenstein, manager of Joe Rogers, who will meet in a finish match here Friday evening, it is probable that Edward W. Smith of Chicago will be selected as referee. Continue reading

Caddock’s Story Scouted

Associated Press – March 3, 1919

DES MOINES, Ia. – Friends of Earl Caddock, world’s wrestling champion, are inclined to accept with reservation the announcement just received from France that he has decided to quit wrestling and turn farmer exclusively. Continue reading

Caddock Takes Rogers’ Scalp

Spokane Daily Chronicle – June 9, 1917

WATERLOO, Iowa. June 9. – Earl Caddock defeated Joe Rogers of Chicago in a wrestling match here last night in straight falls.

Heavyweights to Meet on Mat

The New York Times – December 18, 1920

DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 17. – John Pesek of Shelton, Neb., and Earl Caddock of Walnut, Iowa, former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, will meet in a finish match here Dec. 28, it was announced today.