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The Angel Throws Sexton Quickly Before Capacity House

Buffalo Courier-Express – March 2, 1940
By Ray Ryan

The Angel Applies a Toehold: Maurice Tillet, the Frenchman who’s breaking wrestling box-office records as The Angel, knows considerably more about the finer angles of the game than does the usual run of physical “freaks.”  Here he is shown bearing down on Frank Sexton with a toehold, preparatory to tossing the former Ohio State athlete with a body slam, in Broadway Auditorium last night.  The Angel’s first Buffalo bout attracted 7,528 spectators.

Neanderthal Man Trounces Sexton With Body Slam As Crowd Of 7,528 Sees Bout

The Angel, the man whose face is his fortune, came to Buffalo last night.  Maurice Tillet, known to the wrestling faithful as The Angel, threw Frank Sexton with consummate ease in nine minutes sixteen seconds of the Buffalo Sporting Club’s topline bout in Broadway Auditorium, as a capacity crowd of 7,528 spectators – socialites and mat fans alike – gasped in awe at his Neanderthal build and inhuman strength.

Working implacably as barrages of flashlights were set off by batteries of ringside cameramen, The Angel proved that pictures don’t do him justice, insofar as plain and fancy ugliness is concerned.  He has the largest head of any living man, a tremendous undershot jaw, folds of muscle across the back of his neck, a jutting nose.  He’s five feet nine inches tall, weighed 285 pounds last night.  This bady-legged man must be the answer to the old question – “What do pink elephants see after they’ve had a few too many?”

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Detton Pins Longson In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – December 16, 1937
By Abe Pollock

A couple of boys from the other side of the divide — Salt Lake City — staged a little home-town brawl in our midst last night with Dean Detton, the former Utah U. football player, making Bill Longson say “uncle” in the feature of a pretty good wrestling show in City Auditorium.

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Chris Zaharias On The October 6th Card

Sports Pointers, St. Louis – October 6, 1944
By Earl Brady

Lieut. Chris Zaharias is on the October 6th card, his foe being Thor Morgan, ex-Marine… For excitement and thrills, don’t overlook the Warren Bockwinkel- Chief Saunooke battle… Al Massey, who made a classy debut here recently, and Wally Greb, a new face, also should furnish lots of action and thrills… Of course, we are anticipating one of the banner matches of the season when Wild Bill  Longson and Earl McCready get on the mat in their best two out of three fall scrap, and last but not least our little pal, Tuffy Truesdell, Mexican champion, sails into Dave Feldman in a battle of 178-pounders in the opener… We have just been informed that Otto (Whitey) Brexler will referee the main go…

Eagle Meets Longson On Mat Tonight

Chicago Tribune – October 15, 1954

A triple feature wrestling show will be presented in Rainbo Arena tonight with six outstanding performers as principals. These are Chief Don Eagle, Ruffy Silverstein, Bill Miller, The Great Karpozilos, Sonny Myers, and Wild Bill Longson. Continue reading

Whip Tames Wild Bill Before Mob Of 15,000

Globe & Mail – March 7, 1947
By Allan Nickleson

Whippah Billy Watson retained his newly won world wrestling championship before a jam-packed, roaring multitude of some 15,000 fans at Maple Leaf Gardens last night – and he accomplished the feat fairly easily against the caddish chappie he beat for the bauble. Continue reading

Bill Hanson Pins Bill Longson

Sacramento Union – January 12, 1937

Bill Hanson proved the winner when the Coast champion scored two successive falls with leglocks in his feud with Bill Longson after losing the first, to win the main event wrestling match last night in Memorial Auditorium. Longson scored the first fall in 20 minutes, 19 seconds after roughing Hanson all the way with plenty of “dirty” tactics. Continue reading

Around Our Town

Humboldt Standard – November 2, 1954
By Scoop Beal

With the announcement that world’s wrestling champion Lou Thesz would come to Eureka next Monday for a match at Municipal Auditorium, there came about much talk of wrestling champions through the ages – there are still a few oldtimers around that remember Frank Gotch as the greatest of them all – and there are the oldtimers who claim that “Strangler” Ed Lewis, champion during the “Golden Age” of sports, was the greatest matman that ever lived – the ruling body of wrestling in the U.S.A. is known as the National Wrestling Alliance – this organization recorded the champions of wrestling from 1905 to the present day, as follows: Continue reading

Holbrook Loses To Bill Longston

The Southeast Missourian – June 8, 1955

Wild Bill Longston used less than 20 minutes to defeat Vic Holbrook last night at the Arena and June Byers successfully defended her mat crown against Bonnie Watson.  Ray Villmer, rough Kansas City wrestler, whipped Silent George Hubert in 15:30 minutes to win their 1 fall match. Continue reading

Champ Wrestler At Arena Tonight

The Southeast Missourian – June 7, 1955

Glamorous world champion girl wrestler June Byers will defend her mat crown against Bonnie Watson, vivacious blonde, tonight at the Arena.  Miss Byers won the title from Mildred Burke last August and has proved to be a fighting champion.  She has defended her crown over 150 times and has given every worthwhile opponent a chance to beat her.  Miss Watson, shapely new mat sensation, has been wrestling for only 2 years but she has climbed to the top as a worthy challenger for Miss Byers’ title.  Bonnie looks like a model or a movie star and is a very demure young lass outside of the ring.  But her mild manner disappears the moment that she steps into the ring and she will use every hold, legal or otherwise to win a match.  Miss Byers has had 8 years of ring experience.  This championship match is scheduled to go 2 out of 3 falls with a 45 minute time limit. Continue reading

Longson Takes Roughhouse Mat Battle From Ali Baba

Minneapolis Tribune – April 1, 1942
By George A. Barton

It is said Bill Longson, new world’s heavyweight champion wrestler, learned the tricks and holds of the catch-as-catch-can pastime as a student at the University of Utah. Continue reading