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Wrestlers Ready for Hard Struggle

The New York Times – April 24, 1906

Two unusual wrestling attractions are scheduled for to-night at the Grand Central Palace, Forty-third Street and Lexington Avenue.  John Piening, the “Butcher Boy,” who is conceded to be the cleverest Graeco-Roman wrestler in America, and Fred Beell, the best light heavyweight in the West, will meet in a match at mixed styles and the struggle is to be to a finish.  Beell is an aggressive wrestler, and while Piening is the favorite he will undoubtedly be compelled to use every trick at his command to win.  The other encounter will bring together Harvey Parker, the “Little Demon,” and George Bothner, who many good judges believe will defeat the lightweight champion.

Science Of Wrestling

Physical Culture – February 1903

John Piening in Physical Culture

Some Effective Tricks Illustrated by the Famous Wrestler, John Piening

Beginning with this issue we intend to give our readers a few lessons in the muscle building sport of wrestling.  The “holds” shown here are illustrated by John Piening, the famous Graeco-Roman heavyweight wrestler, with the assistance of Prof. Anthony Barker.  In the next issue we will give a lesson illustrated by Thos. Jenkins, champion wrestler of the world. Continue reading

John Piening, A Local Luminary In The Sporting Firmament, Who Has Issued Challenges Galore To Ernest Roeber But Without Much Success, Nothing Having Come Of Them

The Sunday Telegraph – July 29, 1900

Old Fulton NY Post Cards   By Tom Tryniski

Piening Illustrating in the Graeco-Roman the Half-Nelson Body Hold, the Double Nelson Standing Up and in Catch-as-Catch-Can, the Crotch and Arm Hold, the Back Hammer and Crotch and the Direful Strangle Hold – Jack Quinn, His Partner, and Piening, Showing the Latter’s Powerful Frame.


The San Francisco Call – February 1, 1903

NEW YORK, Jan. 31.—The wrestling bout at Madison Square Garden to-night between Tom Jenkins, the world’s champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler, and John Piening, the “Butcher Boy,” ended in a draw.  The men were on the mat without a fall practically from 9:50 until midnight, when the police declared the bout at an end.

Big Wrestlers Are Matched

The New York Times – April 17, 1906

John Piening, the Graeco-Roman wrestling champion of America, will meet Fred Beell of Wisconsin at the Grand Central Palace on April 24.  The men will wrestle mixed style until a fall is secured.  George Bothner, the lightweight champion, and Harvey Parker will also meet on the same night.  The pair will wrestle on hour, unless a fall is secured before that time, and a decision will be rendered on points.  The winner of the Piening-Beell match will be matched with “Tom” Jenkins for the championship of America.

Tom Sharkey Wins A Wrestling Match

Los Angeles Herald – February 3, 1904

John Piening Fails To Throw Sailor Three Times

BOSTON, Feb. 2. – Tom Sharkey won in the wrestling bout with John Piening before the Criterion Athletic club tonight.  The match was for a percentage of the receipts and a side bet of $1000.  Piening contracted to throw Sharkey three times within an hour.  Piening got the first fall in 16 minutes, and the second in 34 minutes, but failed to get the third.

Wrestlers to Contest To-night

The New York Times – January 31, 1903

The event of the season in wrestling is scheduled for to-night in Madison Square Garden.  Tom Jenkins, holder of the catch-as-catch-can championship of the world for ten years, is to meet John Piening, the Graeco-Roman champion, in a mixed style match to a finish.  The first fall will be Graeco-Roman, the second catch-as-catch-can, and the winner of the quickest fall will select the style of the third fall, if a third fall is necessary. Continue reading

Piening Has Hard Job on His Hands To-Night

The World – December 17, 1903

Jack Munroe, the miner heavy-weight pugilist, will engage in another contest to-night, but not with five-ounce gloves or under the Marquis of Queensberry rules.  Instead, he will tax his brute strength against that of John Piening, the great wrestler, in a wrestling bout at Prospect Hall, Brooklyn.  This will be the second time the men have met in this kind of a competition, their previous bout having been won by Munroe, who was awarded the decision when Piening had failed to throw him three times within an hour. Continue reading

Jenkins Got Fall From Butcher Boy

The World – March 12, 1904

Big Tom Jenkins, the world’s catch-as-catch-can champion wrestler, and John Piening, the holder of the same title among the Graeco-Roman wrestlers, appeared on the mat at Sulzer’s Harlem River Casino, at One Hundred and Twenty-seventh street and Second avenue, last night before a large gathering of sports who were on hand to see the men struggle for the victory. Continue reading

Champions Meet Next Week on Mat

The World – March 2, 1904

Tom Jenkins, the world’s champion wrestler, and John Piening, champion of the Graeco-Roman grapplers, have been matched to meet in a mixed style wrestling contest on or about March 11, as Jenkins will positively sail for England on the 12th. Continue reading