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Ted Cox Enacts Custer’s Last Stand In Taking On Huge Redskin In Mat Bout

Santa Cruz Sentinel – August 30, 1933

Meets Huge Indian Grappler
– Who tackles Julius Strongbow, huge Choctaw Indian wrestler in the main event on tonight’s wrestling card in community park.  “Tiny” Roebuck, another big Indian, the largest wrestler in the game, meets “Rowdy Rudy” LaDitzi; while Dean Detten wrestles George Kovacevich.

“Bulldog” Ted “King Kong” Cox, the Lodi wildman, is going; to enact Custer’s last stand tonight when he takes to the mat in community park to face Julius Strongbow, the 274 pound Choctaw Indian brave from Oklahoma. It is a one hour limit match for the best two out of three falls.

Cox spots the Indian 44 pounds of weight advantage, but he has had more experience than Strongbow and is considerably faster. He expects to make his superior speed and experience off-set his opponent’s advantage in bulk.

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Bob Russell Will Tackle Tough Foe

Madera Daily Tribune And Madera Mercury – June 11, 1935

When Bob “Rebel’’ Russell, the Georgia Hurricane, climbs Into the ring at Hyan’s auditorium Wednesday night, hundreds of valley wrestling fans will be pulling for him to dole out a decisive lacing to King Kong Ted Cox, the Lodi slugger.

Russell in his past two bouts here has proved himself big enough and rough enough to give the Lodi Larruper a dose of his own medicine. After Cox’s rough-house work last week when he subdued Wee Willie Davis scores of irate fans beseeched Matchmaker Don Price to put him against Russell. Hence, the match, which will be decided two out of three falls, two hour limit.

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Shalom On Mat Card

Buffalo Evening News – January 30, 1940

Sporting Club Completes 5-Match Program For Friday

Ben Shalom, Jewish heavyweight, is paired against Jerry Monahan and Rudy Strongberg, German powerhouse, is pitted against Rebel Russell in two matches added today to Friday night’s wrestling card in Broadway auditorium.  The complete program follows: Continue reading

Russell In Opener On Mat Card

Rochester Times-Union – April 2, 1940

The card completed by the addition of a Rebel Russell-Mark Hosely opener and the substitution of King Kong Cox for Wild Bill Longson in the semi-final, mat impresarios today sat back to wait the verdict of the addicts on the “all roughhouse” card they’ve rigged up for the Convention Hall ring tomorrow night. Continue reading

McCready’s Last Match

The Age – October 19, 1937

Earl McCready, the British Empire champion heavy weight wrestler, will have his last contest in Australia for the season against Sammy Stein, at West Melbourne, on Saturday.  He will arrive here from Sydney on Wednesday.  McCready is to leave for New Zealand to defend his Empire title against Lofty Blomfield, the New Zealand champion. Continue reading

Casey Loses Main Event To Ted Cox

Sacramento Union – December 15, 1942

Jim Casey, the Wild Irishman, roughhoused his way to a disqualification in the first fall of the main event between he and Ted (King Kong) Cox last night in Memorial Auditorium by slugging everyone and anyone who came within reach of his brawny arms. Continue reading

Cox To Face Casey Here Tonight

Sacramento Union – December 14, 1942

Most of the opponents who have been facing Ted “King Kong” Cox, claimant of the “world’s rough-house championship,” have been handicapped by lack of power to cope with his unethical tactics, while others feared him. Continue reading

Indian Chief Beats Lutze

San Francisco Chronicle – June 5, 1935

Chief Little Wolf won two of three falls from Nick Lutze last night at Dreamland, winning the first in 15 minutes with a toe hold and the deciding tumble in 8 minutes with a tackle. Lutze won the second fall in 1 minute with an anchor bar. Continue reading

Little Wolf Meets Lutze In Mat Bout

San Francisco Chronicle – June 3, 1935

Chief Little Wolf, the Navajo Indian wrestler, is set for a tough struggle tomorrow night when he locks grips with Nick Lutze, fast and scientific “grunter” from Venice, Cal., in the final event on Jack Ganson’s program at the Dreamland Auditorium. Continue reading

Terror Trims Taylor; Whipper Watson Draws

Globe & Mail – November 8, 1940
By Ed Fitkin

The reign of Golden Terrorism that has engulfed Toronto’s wrestling realm since Bob Weatherly hove in sight caught Frankie Taylor, the Hollywood mat-inee idol, in its tentacles last night at Maple Leaf Gardens. The handsome people’s choice fell victim to a hammerlock and slam after giving his 303-pound combination of Charles Laughton and Billy Bunter a merry old melee for forty minutes. Continue reading