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Becker At Camden

The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 27, 1944

George Becker swings into heavyweight wrestling action against the undefeated Black Terror at Camden Convention Hall tonight.  They are scheduled to go 90 minutes, two out of three falls.  Murray Rothenberg and Fred Grubmier meets Jim Austeri and Pat Welsh in a team match, while Rudy Dusek tackles Dutch Rohde and Matros Kirilenko clashes with Joe Myers in single bouts.

Wrestles Tonight

Long Island Daily Press – March 22, 1945


Vic Christy, California Adonis, meets Emil Dusek of the Omaha wrestling tribe, in the feature match at the Ridgewood Grove tonight.  They will grapple best two out of three falls.  In the semi-final, Yvon Robert, the former world’s champion, meets Arthur Le Grand.  Other 30-minute bouts pair Tony Martinelli and Nanjo Singh, Fred (Poker Face) Grubmier and Pat Welsh and Reinhold Metzker, newcomer from Glendale, and Murray Rothenberg.

Becker, Russell To Battle In Passaic

The Bergen Evening Record – March 15, 1945

The Armory in Passaic will open its doors to wrestling tonight with an all-star show arranged by promoter Jimmy Austeri.  The card is headed by a bout between Gorgeous Georgie Becker, the Newark defense worker, and Rebel Bob Russell, a roughneck from Texas.  The match is slated for two out of three falls with a time limit of an hour.

As a wrestler Becker has no peers, but he is not a roughneck, while Russell can slug it out with the best of them.  The match is expected to provide plenty of excitement, especially if Russell doesn’t behave.

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Garibaldi Beats Becker As Fans Stage Near-Riot

Courier-Post – January 9, 1945
By Henry Quinton

Spectators Go Berserk as Referee Gehman Gives Deciding Fall to Gino

The blood of Camden wrestling fans is still boiling today over last night’s decision by Referee Doc Gehman which gave Gino Garibaldi, belligerent New Yorker, a dubious victory over George Becker, dapper Chicagoan.

The pair of grunt and groan artists met in the feature wrestling bout at the Convention Hall, before a crowd of 2400 howling fans, and Garibaldi won the first and third falls of a scheduled 90-minute time-limit match, Becker copping the second.

Garibaldi won the first fall in 16 minutes, two seconds with a rolling headlock and body press.  Becker evened things up by copping the middle fall in seven minutes, 40 seconds, forcing his opponent to quit under pressure of a head scissors, and Garibaldi snared the third and deciding fall in 14 minutes, 52 seconds with a body press.

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Martinelli And Becker Grapple At Broadway

Brooklyn Eagle – January 6, 1945

Tony Martinelli and George Becker will wrestle to a finish in tonight’s feature at the Broadway Arena.  In other bouts, Promoter Max Joss offers Pat Welsh with Murray Rothenberg, Rudy Dusek with Sam Curry, Fred Grubmeier with Jim Austeri and Frank Bruce with Joe Meyer.

Dusek And Lenihan Top Arena Mat Show

Brooklyn Eagle – December 30, 1944

Rudy Dusek and George Lenihan will hold the spotlight in tonight’s feature bout to a finish on the Broadway Arena wrestling card.  Lenihan, unbeaten in the club this season, will seek his fourth victory.

In the other bouts, Promoter Max Joss has Tony Martinelli pitted against Murray Rothenberg, Sam Curry paired with Abe Yourist, Pat Welsh matched with Jim Austeri, Fritz Ziegfried with Frank Bruce.

Lenihan Grapples Becker

Brooklyn Eagle – November 28, 1944

George Lenihan meets Georgie Becker in the finish wrestling bout at the Ridgewood Grove tonight.  The semi-final pairs Jimmy Austeri with Pat Welsh.  In supporting bouts Rudy Dusek faces Frank Bruce, Tony Martinelli opposes Murray Rothenberg and Abe Yourist clashes with Jack Steele.

Becker Hopes To Hand Russell His First Local Mat Setback

The Herald-News – March 13, 1945

George Becker, the popular Newark defense worker who in his last appearance here battled Emil Dusek, of Omaha, to a draw at Kanter’s Auditorium, will wrestle in the feature bout on Thursday night’s wrestling show at the Armory.  He will meet Rebel Bob Russell, the roughneck from Texas who hasn’t lost a bout since he arrived in the East two months in the two out of three falls, one hour time limit bout.

Dusek in Semi-Final

Becker is one scientific gripster who has always been able to more than hold his own with a roughneck and that is the reason why Jim Austeri picked him to oppose the Texas bad man.  No matter how rough Russell gets, Becker will know how to cope with him and the Texan, who has won every bout except two in which he finished even, may have his streak broken.

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Russell In Mat Victory

The Herald-News – January 25, 1945

Pins Austeri In Main Bout At Kanter’s

Jimmy Austeri, Clifton grappler, returned to local mat warfare last night at Kanter’s Auditorium but his 1945 debut was an inauspicious one as he dropped the feature wrestling bout to Reb Russell.

Rothenberg Victor

Russell, Texas grappler, used numerous illegal tactics in his match with Austeri.  The bout was rough throughout with Russell being booed by the fans for his unfair tactics.

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Next Passaic Bouts On Thursday Night

The Bergen Evening Record – March 10, 1945

The next wrestling show in Passaic will take place at the Armory, on Main Street, Thursday evening, March 15.  Promoter Jimmy Austeri has shifted his activities from Kanter’s Auditorium to the larger arena in order to accommodate the crowds which attend his shows in ever increasing numbers.

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