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Wrestles Tonight

Long Island Daily Press – March 22, 1945


Vic Christy, California Adonis, meets Emil Dusek of the Omaha wrestling tribe, in the feature match at the Ridgewood Grove tonight.  They will grapple best two out of three falls.  In the semi-final, Yvon Robert, the former world’s champion, meets Arthur Le Grand.  Other 30-minute bouts pair Tony Martinelli and Nanjo Singh, Fred (Poker Face) Grubmier and Pat Welsh and Reinhold Metzker, newcomer from Glendale, and Murray Rothenberg.

Lopez, Laditzi to Tangle Tonight In Mat Joust

The San Bernardino Sun – December 22, 1939

San Bernardino Club Offers Program of Wrestling

Vincent Lopez, Mexican heavyweight wrestler and former state champion, tops the mat card tonight at the San Bernardino Athletic club.

Lopez tackles Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., grappler, in the three-fall main event. The bout looms as an all-action affair, inasmuch as both Lopez and Laditzi are aggressive wrestlers.

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Strode Victor In Mat Joust

The San Bernardino Sun – April 6, 1940

Resorting to the body block, which had been an effective weapon on the football field, Woody Strode, a former end for the U.C.L.A. eleven, applied this same block to floor Rudy Laditzi in the feature wrestling match at the San Bernardino Athletic club last night.

Woody Strode, who has been in the mat profession less than a year, applied three devastating body blocks, each flooring Laditzi, the final jolt injuring Rudy’s shoulder so badly he was unable to come out for the second fall. This gave Strode the match.

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Mat Stars Head Program for Friday Night

The San Bernardino Sun – March 31, 1940

Colored Ex-Gridder to Face Rudy Laditzi in Feature

More than a half dozen topflight wrestlers will appear on an all-star mat card scheduled Friday night at the San Bernardino Athletic club.

Promoter Jack Sonenshine will offer four matches with an additional feature in a team match between four light-heavyweight grapplers.

Woodrow Wilson Strode who gained fame as a football player with the U.C.L.A. eleven last season, will appear against Rudy (Rowdy) Laditzi, the Hungarian butcher boy, in a two out of three falls match limited to one hour.

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Laditzi Loses Bout To Lopez

The San Bernardino Sun – December 23, 1939

Rowdy Rudy Laditzi, a mat ruffian, got some of his own treatment last night when he lost his wrestling match with Vincent Lopez at the San Bernardino Athletic club.

Laditzi took the first fall as the result of a back breaker in a little more than 22 minutes and hurt Lopez so badly that it was at first doubtful whether the Mexican grappler would be able to continue the match.

Lopez recovered, though, to turn on the heat after five minutes of careful maneuvering and end the bout by lifting Laditzi to the top of the ring ropes and bouncing the big Hungarian on his back.

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Ex-Bruin Gridder in Mat Bout

San Bernardino Sun – April 5, 1940

Woodrow Wilson Strode, big Negro who played for last year’s U.C.L.A. football earn and who has since turned professional wrestler, ops the mat program to night at the San Bernardino Athletic club against Rowdy Rudy Laditzi.

Strode has not been beaten since he turned wrestler but Laditzi claims he’ll make the colored boy quit.

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Strangler Gets Boos But Wins The Mix

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 23, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

“Personally, I don’t go for this hippodroming and clowning rassling stuff, but you know how the public is. They want that kind of a show and I’m always willing to oblige.”

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the daddy of ’em all in wrestling, gave out this statement to a bunch of sports scribes soon after his arrival about two weeks ago.

Last week he pinned Ed Don George after 55 minutes of straight scientific wrestling, using his famous “strangle” liberally. The crowd, totaling close to 4,000, was divided as to its likes and dislikes of that performance.

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Lewis Obliges, Applies Strangle Near End

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 16, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

For a long time last evening, some 4,000 curious spectators gathered in the Civic Auditorium thought they were going to be deprived of the commodity that made Ed (Strangler) Lewis the holy terror of the wrestling world.

But the veteran showman, willing to oblige when the occasion demands, finally came through to apply his famous “strangle” and then clamped the headlock to down Ed Don George for the only fall of the main attraction.

There were less than five minutes left in their scheduled one-hour performance when Lewis pinned George. Then the fans got up, cheered the 45-year-old, 245-pound grappler and started to go home.

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The ‘Strangler’ Lewis is Due Here Tomorrow

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – September 9, 1936
By Loui Leong Hop

Honolulu’s rassling fans are sitting pretty again.

About a month ago, they saw “Jumping Joe” Savoldi’s famous dropkick in action against Al Karasick and Ed Don George. The “big league” attractions jammed the Civic Auditorium to overflowing.

Next Tuesday evening at the covered arena, these grappling addicts will set their optics on a match that commands major interest and prices on the mainland.

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Mat Calendar

New York Post – March 3, 1945


BROADWAY ARENA – Emil Dusek vs. Tony Martinelli, to a finish; Vic Christy vs. Reb Russell, Murray Rothenberg vs. George Becker, Herbie Freeman vs. Lee Ryan, Jim Austeri vs. Bill Hall, time limit.