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Atherton Couldn’t Throw Henderson

The Buffalo Sunday Morning News – January 12, 1902

Steinagle Didn’t Go on With the Portageville Wrestler at the Lafayette.

Ed Atherton, the wrestler, stacked up against Mort Henderson, the Rochester butcher, for the second time at the Lafayette Theater last night.  The Portageville athlete was scheduled to try it on the Strong Man Louis Steinagle, but Steinagle said Atherton would give him but $6, instead of the $25 announced from the stage, if he stayed 15 minutes without being thrown.  So Steinagle didn’t go on.  It is also within the realm of possibility that Atherton didn’t want any such direct line drawn between him and Parr as the match with the strong man would give, as Atherton and Parr are booked for a finish match at the Olympic Club next Wednesday.

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Wrestling to the Fore Once More

(Copyright, 1905, by McClure, Phillips & Co.)

The Minneapolis Journal – December 3, 1905

The present vogue for wrestling, which became marked last year and which is exceedingly strong this season, is sufficient reason for calling the interested public’s attention to this, the not least interesting fact about wrestlers today that, unlike prize fighters, they are a pretty abstemious lot when out of training as well as when in. Continue reading

De Rouen Versus The Turk

La Patrie – November 27, 1908

These Two Colossi Will Come To Grips Tonight, At Sohmer Park

Jenkins Was Defeated Last Night


A Bulletin from New York tells us that Yussif Mahmout, known as the Terrible Turk, has defeated Tom Jenkins, ex-champion wrestler of America, winning the first two falls of his “match” with him, at Madison Square Garden, last night. Continue reading

Science Of Wrestling

Physical Culture – March 1903
By Bernarr Macfadden

Illustrated by Photographs Specially Posed by Tom Jenkins and Clarence Boudin

Tom Jenkins  World's Champion Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestler

Tom Jenkins
World’s Champion Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestler

Tom Jenkins, until recently the world’s champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler, whose photographs illustrate the wrestling tricks shown in this article, is a remarkable specimen of physical manhood.  Every line of his body indicates the rugged vigor which has enabled him to win so many hard fought contests.  Recently he was beaten by Dan McLeod, though he claims that his defeat was due to a bad leg, and he expects to wrestle his conquerer again in the near future. Continue reading

Jenkins To Wrestle Cazeaux

Associated Press – May 11, 1908

NEW YORK – Tom Jenkins and Cazeaux, the French wrestler, will meet in a mixed match at Madison Square Garden Monday night. The men will wrestle Graeco-Roman and catch-as-catch-can in the first two bouts and the one winning the fall in the fastest time will have the choice of naming the style for the third.

Jenkins Challenges Gotch

Associated Press – April 22, 1908

NEW YORK – Tom Jenkins, at one time wrestling champion of America, has issued a challenge to wrestle Frank Gotch again for the title. Jenkins was at one time wrestling instructor at the military academy at West Point.

Tom Jenkins Sails For European Mats

The Washington Times – August 14, 1905

CLEVELAND, Ohio. Aug. 14–Tom Jenkins, of this city, the champion wrestler of the United States has sailed for England on the steamship New York. Continue reading

Wrestling Championship

The New York Times – March 12, 1905

The Gotch-Jenkins Match Will Take Place in the Garden.

Frank Gotch, America’s champion catch-as-catch-can, will be here to-morrow morning to complete arrangements for his match with Tom Jenkins, the ex-champion, at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. Continue reading

Wrestling Match

The Evening News – January 10, 1905

San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 10. – The most important wrestling match to be seen hereabouts in a long time is scheduled for Woodward’s pavilion tonight when Tom Jenkins and Jack Carkeek are to engage in a bout to settle the question of relative supremacy.  The men have been training faithfully since the match was made and a lively contest is expected to be the outcome.  The articles of agreement call for the best two out of three falls, catch-as-catch-can rules to govern.

Rouen Throws Tom Jenkins

The New York Times – March 28, 1914

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 27. – Raoul De Rouen, heavyweight champion wrestler of France, again defeated Tom Jenkins here to-night, De Rouen took the first fall in 31 minutes with a body hold in chancery, and the second in 10 minutes with a toe hold.