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The Angel Throws Sexton Quickly Before Capacity House

Buffalo Courier-Express – March 2, 1940
By Ray Ryan

The Angel Applies a Toehold: Maurice Tillet, the Frenchman who’s breaking wrestling box-office records as The Angel, knows considerably more about the finer angles of the game than does the usual run of physical “freaks.”  Here he is shown bearing down on Frank Sexton with a toehold, preparatory to tossing the former Ohio State athlete with a body slam, in Broadway Auditorium last night.  The Angel’s first Buffalo bout attracted 7,528 spectators.

Neanderthal Man Trounces Sexton With Body Slam As Crowd Of 7,528 Sees Bout

The Angel, the man whose face is his fortune, came to Buffalo last night.  Maurice Tillet, known to the wrestling faithful as The Angel, threw Frank Sexton with consummate ease in nine minutes sixteen seconds of the Buffalo Sporting Club’s topline bout in Broadway Auditorium, as a capacity crowd of 7,528 spectators – socialites and mat fans alike – gasped in awe at his Neanderthal build and inhuman strength.

Working implacably as barrages of flashlights were set off by batteries of ringside cameramen, The Angel proved that pictures don’t do him justice, insofar as plain and fancy ugliness is concerned.  He has the largest head of any living man, a tremendous undershot jaw, folds of muscle across the back of his neck, a jutting nose.  He’s five feet nine inches tall, weighed 285 pounds last night.  This bady-legged man must be the answer to the old question – “What do pink elephants see after they’ve had a few too many?”

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Resin Thespians Offer ‘Tonight At 8:30’

Rocky Mountain News – December 5, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Our dear resin thespians, the muscle necks, will light the gas lamps tomorrow night at City Auditorium in another of those spasms of playlets made famous by Noel Coward

The wrestlers, under the guidance of Impressario Jack Kanner, will present matdom’s version of “Tonight at 8:30” in five, instead of nine, short — shall we say — plays. Heading the list will be Gus Sonnenberg, ace of all the muggers, and Bill Longson in a 90-minute, two-out-of-three engagement.

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Detton Pins Longson In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – December 16, 1937
By Abe Pollock

A couple of boys from the other side of the divide — Salt Lake City — staged a little home-town brawl in our midst last night with Dean Detton, the former Utah U. football player, making Bill Longson say “uncle” in the feature of a pretty good wrestling show in City Auditorium.

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‘Mat Champ’ Appears Here Wednesday

Rocky Mountain News – December 12, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Royalty will honor us with its presence here next Wednesday night and I don’t mean the duke and duchess.

Dean Detton, who claims the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship by the glace of the Lord and a strong right arm, will defend his claim to the coveted crown against Bill Longson in the top spot on a five-bout cauliflower carnival.

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Second-Rate Talent Killing Mat Game Here

Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch – May 17, 1937

The repeated use of second-rate talent is slowly but surely killing the professional wrestling game in Norfolk.

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Acrobatic Matman Subdues Adversary By Sudden Kick; Cox and Thesz Wind Up Even

Buffalo Courier-Express – January 27, 1940
By Ray Ryan

Elmer Slagel squared accounts with his hirsute nemesis, Ivan Rasputin, by virtue of an ancient but effective wrestling dodge last night in Broadway Auditorium. His triumph, achieved in 29 minutes 56 seconds, proved entirely to the liking of 5,018 Buffalo Sporting Club customers. Continue reading

Russell In Opener On Mat Card

Rochester Times-Union – April 2, 1940

The card completed by the addition of a Rebel Russell-Mark Hosely opener and the substitution of King Kong Cox for Wild Bill Longson in the semi-final, mat impresarios today sat back to wait the verdict of the addicts on the “all roughhouse” card they’ve rigged up for the Convention Hall ring tomorrow night. Continue reading

Weaver Fighting Mad At Mention Of Nelson

Richmond County Daily Journal – February 23, 1971

Johnny Weaver George Becker 2-23-1971

Johnny Weaver and George Becker
…will appear at Rohanen Thursday night

Johnny Weaver and Art Nelson are much like the mongoose and the cobra.  They’re enemies to the very end and each meeting becomes a savage encounter.  They’ll clash once again in the Rohanen High School gym on Thursday night. Continue reading

Mat Show Set Tonight

Utica Daily Press – October 5, 1957

Fritz Von Erich 10-5-1957


Clinton – Promoters of tonight’s wrestling card at the Clinton Arena are billing it as a triple-threat attraction.  Action starts at 8:30. Continue reading

Wrestling Game Is On The Upswing

Sacramento Union – February 23, 1949
By Bill Conlin

The remarkable resiliency of the wrestling business is being demonstrated on a weekly basis at Memorial Auditorium. Business has never been better, at least in the last five years, and the grapplers are playing to profitable houses every Monday night. Continue reading