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Wrestling Card

The Montreal Gazette – August 11, 1958

A return team match between Killer Kowalski, Don Leo Jonathan and Argentina Rocca, Edouard Carpentier will highlight tonight’s wrestling at Delormier Stadium.  Mr. Moto and Pat O’Conner will square off for the semi-final bout.

Manuel Cortez will meet Sandor Kovacs in the opener.  Completing the card are Paul Baillargeon vs. Chet Wallick, Claude Dessary vs. Joe Killer Christie and Mr. Hito vs. Johnny Rougeau.

Wright, Firpo In Sunnyside Mat Clash

Long Island Star-Journal – May 7, 1960

Bearcat Wright, popular Negro grappler from Kingston, Jamaica, and Pampero Firpo, bewhiskered Argentine giant, clash in the non-televised opener of next Tuesday’s pro mat bill at Sunnyside Garden.

Promoter Manny Heicklen, who also has scheduled a pair of tag team matches and two single contests, will put the Wright-Firpo tussle on at 8:30 P. M.

The team events send Prince Maiava and Johnny Walker against Chet Wallick and Jack Vansky, and Miguel Perez-Eugene Marin vs. Al Smith-Johnny Kace.

Tag Matches On LI Card

Long Island Star-Journal – March 24, 1960

The sensational tag team battles are listed on the mammoth second anniversary wrestling show at the Island Garden in West Hempstead, Long Island, Saturday night.

The new combination of Skull Murphy and Pat Kelly will clash with two of the popular Lewin brothers – Don and Ted – from Buffalo, in the two-out-of-three falls, 60-minute time limit.

Featuring the special card will be a battle between Antonino Rocca and Killer Kowalski, Polish giant.  Other highlights are Johnny Valentine against Gorgeous George; Argentina Zuma against Pampero Firpo, and Prince Maiava vs. Chet Wallick.

Rocca Captures Sunnyside Mat Test

Long Island Star-Journal – April 13, 1960

Antonio Rocca defeated Taro Sakura in 10:25 of the wrestling feature at Sunnyside Garden last night.  Rocca’s scheduled opponent, Dr. Jerry Graham was unable to appear, but is expected to see action at the Queens boulevard club on Saturday afternoon.

Skull Murphy and Pat Kelly, also booked for the Saturday matinee card, won two of three falls from Donn Lewin and Arnold Skoaland last night, while Red and Lou Bastien polished off Chet Wallick and Johnny Kace.

Pampero Firpo whipped Pete Sanchez and Prince Maiava won over Jack Vansky.

Starr Triumphs, Will Top Card On Saturday

Long Island Star-Journal – June 29, 1960

Ricki Starr defeated Australian champion Bud Cody in 7:15 of the Sunnyside Garden wrestling feature last night and promptly was invited to return on promoter Manny Heicklen’s special non-televised show Saturday night to face Antonio the Great, the Italian giant.

Starr will share top billing with the unbeaten tag team of Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez, slated to tangle with Pampero Firpo and Dr. Jerry Graham.

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Rocca Captures Mat Feature

Long Island Star-Journal – June 1, 1960

Antonino Rocca won from Haystacks Calhoun  in 11:15 of the feature of last night’s professional wrestling show at Sunnyside Garden.

Bearcat Wright disposed of Chet Wallick in 9:15, Bruno Sammartino subdued Larry Simon in 6:45, Don Curtis whipped Jack Vansky in 7:45, Arnold Skaaland won two of three falls from Iron Mike DiBiase.

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Rocca, Calhoun Clash Tonight At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 31, 1960

Antonino Rocca, best known wrestler of the past decade, and Haystacks Calhoun, 600-pound country-boy, battle in a single fall match highlighting tonight’s card at Sunnyside Garden.  The contest will open promoter Manny Heicklen’s program at 8:30 P. M.

Bearcat Wright, 6-7 Negro sensation from Jamaica, West Indies, will clash with Chet Wallick and Bruno Sammartino, Italian strongman, will engage Larry Simon.

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Nature Boy Godoy Grapples At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – May 17, 1960

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers makes his first appearance at Sunnyside Garden tonight in one of the features of an all-star professional wrestling card.  Rogers has been matched with Pedro Godoy in a one fall test.

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Rocca-Valentine In Sunnyside Mat Feature

Long Island Star-Journal – March 29, 1960

Professional wrestling’ s No. 1 attraction Antonino Rocca, and TV champion Johnny Valentine clash tonight in the non-televised opening match of promoter Manny Heicklen’s star-studded mat card at Sunnyside Garden.

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Tolas Freres At Garden

Long Island Star-Journal – August 26, 1960

The Tolas brothers, Chris and John, Giant Greek youngsters from Montreal, Canada, wrestle Antonino Rocca and Bruno Sammartino, unbeaten Latin combo, at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. Continue reading