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World’s Title At Stake In Mat Duel

Los Angeles Herald Express – December 23, 1936

The world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, Dean Detton, says he isn’t any Christmas present for Sandor Szabo, the handsome Hungarian. Detton defends his title tonight in a rematch at the Olympic at three falls to a finish.

This match tops a seven-bout program arranged by promoter Jack Daro. Also featured on the card will be the one and only Man Mountain Dean. The M.M. is meeting his arch enemy of the mat, Chief Little Wolf, the Indian death grip artist.

Detton bounded back in here to straighten out Szabo, the experts contend. Two weeks ago this pair met in a hectic engagement at the Olympic. Detton had his hand raised at the end of the one hour and ten minutes of wrestling.

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Ted Cox Enacts Custer’s Last Stand In Taking On Huge Redskin In Mat Bout

Santa Cruz Sentinel – August 30, 1933

Meets Huge Indian Grappler
– Who tackles Julius Strongbow, huge Choctaw Indian wrestler in the main event on tonight’s wrestling card in community park.  “Tiny” Roebuck, another big Indian, the largest wrestler in the game, meets “Rowdy Rudy” LaDitzi; while Dean Detten wrestles George Kovacevich.

“Bulldog” Ted “King Kong” Cox, the Lodi wildman, is going; to enact Custer’s last stand tonight when he takes to the mat in community park to face Julius Strongbow, the 274 pound Choctaw Indian brave from Oklahoma. It is a one hour limit match for the best two out of three falls.

Cox spots the Indian 44 pounds of weight advantage, but he has had more experience than Strongbow and is considerably faster. He expects to make his superior speed and experience off-set his opponent’s advantage in bulk.

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Filipino Grappler Meets Little Wolf In Feature Match

Calexico Chronicle – February 13, 1940

Panteleon Manlopig, regarded as the greatest Filipino wrestler of al time and present holder of the world’s Filipino championship, will tangle with Chief Little Wolf in the main event at the El Centro City Limits arena, Thursday night at 8:30.

Manlopig, however, will have his work cut out for him when he tangles with Little Wolf, the man who invented the Indian death grip because Little Wolf is one of those fellows who often forgets to follow instructions.

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Wrestling Ad

Calexico Chronicle – February 14, 1940

Detton Pins Longson In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – December 16, 1937
By Abe Pollock

A couple of boys from the other side of the divide — Salt Lake City — staged a little home-town brawl in our midst last night with Dean Detton, the former Utah U. football player, making Bill Longson say “uncle” in the feature of a pretty good wrestling show in City Auditorium.

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‘Mat Champ’ Appears Here Wednesday

Rocky Mountain News – December 12, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Royalty will honor us with its presence here next Wednesday night and I don’t mean the duke and duchess.

Dean Detton, who claims the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship by the glace of the Lord and a strong right arm, will defend his claim to the coveted crown against Bill Longson in the top spot on a five-bout cauliflower carnival.

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Strangler Lewis in Win Over Ad Santel

San Francisco Chronicle – April 29, 1933

Strangler Lewis won two out of three falls from Ad Santel in their feature wrestling match last night in the Oakland Auditorium. Lewis won the first fall in twenty-four minutes with a headlock, lost the second in six minutes when he quit to a Japanese leglog, and won the third by twisting halfway out of another leglock and pinning Santel’s shoulders to the mat in seven minutes. Continue reading

Garibaldi And Lopez Back Feature

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 14, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Everything but mayhem is expected to go tonight at the Olympic when Sandor Szabo, the handsome Hungarian, reaches out for Man Mountain Dean, the Hell’s Kitchen Hillbilly, in their three-fall finish match. Continue reading

Sandor Vary In Mat Test

New York Post – December 20, 1935

Savoldi and Barber Top Wrestling Card at Armory

Sandor Vary, Hungarian heavyweight, is an added attraction on the heavyweight wrestling card topped by Joe Savoldi and Hank Barber, former collegians. Continue reading

Santa Claus Arrives Here Little Early For George

New York Post – December 16, 1935
By Eddie Wade

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus... by Uhlmann

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus… by Uhlmann

Grappler Don Hangs Xmas Sock in Bid to Regain Mat Crown

 Third Time Danno, Challenger Meet

Santa Claus comes early this year.  At least he does to Ed Don George, the former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, who gets a chance to even matters tonight with the current title-holder, Danno O’Mahoney, at Madison Square Garden. Continue reading