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Lou Swears Wrestling Is On Up-And-Up

The Desert Sun – August 6, 1975

‘Don’t Phone In Results Before 11 p.m.’

NEW YORK (UP!) – Lou Thesz is a fine figure of a man He has a 50-inch chest, a 36-inch waistline and an 18-inch neck along with this absurd idea of his that wrestling is strictly on the up-and-up.

What else would you expect him to say?

Fifty-nine-year-old Lou Thesz has been wrestling professionally 42 years, was world champion six different times and is going against Eric the Red at Jersey City tomorrow night, in what they want everyone to believe is a “serious grudge match” yet. So what’s Lou Thesz going to say professional wrestling is a great big joke?

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Belt Battle, Thesz Bout Head Card

The Tennessean – August 15, 1973

A NWA southern tag team belt battle, the return of Lou Thesz, and the appearance of the McGuire Twins feature tonight’s professional wrestling card at Fairgrounds Arena.

JERRY LAWLER and Jim White and their manager, Sam Bass, will put the southern title on the line against Eddie Marlin and Tommy Gilbert, the former beltholders.

George Gulas, a licensed NWA referee, will handle the belt match.

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Shalom On Mat Card

Buffalo Evening News – January 30, 1940

Sporting Club Completes 5-Match Program For Friday

Ben Shalom, Jewish heavyweight, is paired against Jerry Monahan and Rudy Strongberg, German powerhouse, is pitted against Rebel Russell in two matches added today to Friday night’s wrestling card in Broadway auditorium.  The complete program follows: Continue reading

‘Strangler’ Lewis To Meet Thesz On Mat

Bremerton Sun – September 7, 1945

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, one of the all-time greats of the wrestling game, will be the headliner of the newly organized Sportsmen’s Club grappling program next Thursday night at the Civic Center here.

This card will mark the resumption of the mat game in Bremerton after a six-week layoff. The new Sportsmen’s Club, with Vic Sinkunas as the promoter, has taken over the local wrestling enterprise from the Globe A.C. Continue reading

Acrobatic Matman Subdues Adversary By Sudden Kick; Cox and Thesz Wind Up Even

Buffalo Courier-Express – January 27, 1940
By Ray Ryan

Elmer Slagel squared accounts with his hirsute nemesis, Ivan Rasputin, by virtue of an ancient but effective wrestling dodge last night in Broadway Auditorium. His triumph, achieved in 29 minutes 56 seconds, proved entirely to the liking of 5,018 Buffalo Sporting Club customers. Continue reading

O’Mahoney Downs Macaluso; Fans Aroused

The Hartford, Ct., Times – January 15, 1938
By Bill Shea

That famous cheer which, according to history, was first sounded in the Bronx received a tremendous workout at Foot Guard Hall last night.

The recipients were Danno O’Mahoney, who at one time wore the crown designating him world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, and Smiler Livingstone, Hartford’s own “popular” referee. Continue reading

What Ever Happened To… Lou Thesz?

Orlando Sentinel – May 12, 2000
By Ric Russo

Back in the early days of professional wrestling, competitors needed a strong amateur background to survive. If you didn’t know how to execute the most basic moves, you were in trouble.

“It wasn’t hard to figure out which guys had [amateur wrestling) knowledge and which guys were faking it,” says Lou Thesz, a six-time World Heavyweight Champion. “If you didn’t know what you were doing, you were found out and you didn’t last long.” Continue reading

Wrestling Last Night

The Evening Independent – July 29, 1937
By The Associated Press

Hartford, Conn. – Danno O’Mahoney, Ireland, drew with George Clark, Scotland, bout stopped by 11:30 curfew. Continue reading

McCune Meets Thesz Tonight On Rainbo Mat

Chicago Tribune – July 7, 1954

Bob McCune of Des Moines will meet Lou Thesz, world champion, in one of six bouts comprising Leonard Schwartz’ wrestling program tonight in Rainbo Arena, 4836 N. Clark St. Continue reading

As Bill Leiser Sees It

San Francisco Chronicle – April 3, 1955
By Bill Leiser

Leo Nomellini, who believes he has something of a right to claim some sort of a world wrestling championship, is challenged by an Oklahoma citizen whose offer should be attractive at least in one sense. He guarantees not to kick Leo in the face. Not even if Leo dives out of the ring. In fact, he says he wouldn’t let Leo get out of the ring. Continue reading