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Wrestling Results

The Pittsburgh Press – May 5, 1936

MOOSE TEMPLE – Ivan Rasputin, 210, won from Nanjo Singh, 202, disqualification, 23:55; Billy Thom, 164, threw Pete Sherman, 175, 26:20; Bert Rubi, 158, drew with Leo Wallick, 178, 45 minutes; Eddie Malone, 180, threw Bad Boy Brown, 203, 13:27; Jack Conley, 187, drew with Walter Sirois, 193, 30 minutes. Continue reading


Higami Pins His Lordship

San Francisco Chronicle – December 20, 1935

Although he protested with all the eloquence of a peer in the British Parliament, Lord Lansdowne could not get his message across to Referee John Kallos last night at the Civic Auditorium wrestles. As a result, Tsutao Higami, the Japanese “rubber man,” won the match. Continue reading

Indian Chief Beats Lutze

San Francisco Chronicle – June 5, 1935

Chief Little Wolf won two of three falls from Nick Lutze last night at Dreamland, winning the first in 15 minutes with a toe hold and the deciding tumble in 8 minutes with a tackle. Lutze won the second fall in 1 minute with an anchor bar. Continue reading

Little Wolf Meets Lutze In Mat Bout

San Francisco Chronicle – June 3, 1935

Chief Little Wolf, the Navajo Indian wrestler, is set for a tough struggle tomorrow night when he locks grips with Nick Lutze, fast and scientific “grunter” from Venice, Cal., in the final event on Jack Ganson’s program at the Dreamland Auditorium. Continue reading

Thesz Defeats ‘Horrible Hun’

Las Vegas Review-Journal – August 28, 1962

Lou Thesz held a win over Hans Hermann today but the “Horrible Hun” could still boast that the former world champion has yet to put him on his back. Continue reading

Hardboiled Haggerty Stops El Pulpo In Mat Massacre

Los Angeles Times – October 27, 1938
By Jack Singer

W.P.A. crews, working in shifts, last night were removing the broken body of El Pulpo, the Mexican Octopus Man, in sections and transporting said torso the glue factory where, attendants report, there is a 50-50 chance that it will be patched up again as good as new, give or take an arm. Continue reading

Hild, Wright Take Girls’ Wrestle Royal

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – February 4, 1958

Miss Helen Hild and Miss Jerri Wright won last night’s five girl wrestle royal which topped the four-bout mat card at the American Legion Coliseum. Continue reading

Girls’ Wrestle Royal Slated Next Monday

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – January 31, 1958

A five girl wrestle royal is the main attraction of next Monday’s wrestling card at the American Legion Coliseum.  Taking part in this event will be Miss Judy Glover, Miss Dot Dotson, Miss Ruth Waters, Miss Helen Hild and Miss Jerrie Wright. Continue reading

Christy Lucky in Wrestle

The Sydney Morning Herald – June 5, 1949

Ted Christy was fortunate to win over Al Costello in last night’s wrestle at Leichhardt Stadium. Continue reading

Wrestle Draw At Leichhardt

The Sydney Morning Herald – March 5, 1950

Ted Christy (16-9) and Al Costello (16-8) drew in the main wrestle at Leichhardt Stadium last night. Continue reading