Mat Men Are Confident

The Oregonian – July 7, 1925

Both principals in the wrestling match for the light heavyweight championship of the world, an event of tomorrow night at the Heilig theater, finished training yesterday and said they were in well-nigh perfect condition for the a fast and bruising mat tangle.

Though Sailor Jack Wood, the challenger, declared in unequivocal terms that he will tear the title out of the hands of Ted Thye, the champion merely smiled at such a possibility.

Thye is well aware that Wood may be much better than his previous appearance here would indicate, and while he expects the bout to stretch over a long two hours, is quite confident his famous wristlock will prevail in the long run.

The Texas gob has been perfecting a defense for that same wristlock, not only in hard daily practice, but in every bout in which he has been a contestant on a local stage.

“Thye will find me an elusive person to clamp that terrible hold of his on,” said Wood, “and he will have to be a good deal stronger than I think he is if he keeps a hold like that even if he does get it long enough to put my shoulders to the mat.

“I wrestled Clarence Eklund, the great middle west wrestler, who also relies mainly on the punishing wristlock, and I stayed on the mat one hour and a half without being thrown by him. If Eklund couldn’t make the hold work, I don’t believe Thye will have a chance to.”

Wood has lost two decisions here to Billy Edwards, but has improved greatly since then, according to reports, and has beaten Joe Reynolds at Monroe, Farmer Vance at Astoria, Abe Caplan at Newberg and Frank Pilling and Cowboy Ray here in the past few weeks. These wrestlers, of course, do not class with Thye, but they are all heavy, rough and tough, and gave Wood excellent practice for his championship match with Thye.


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