Strangler Lewis Had It All Mapped Out

Referee – August 19, 1937

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, mastodon of the mat and five times heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, is due in Sydney at the end of the month. Lewis is under engagement to Stadiums Ltd.

According to our old friend, Ted Thye, the “Strangler” is engaged in a campaign to uphold the supremacy of the white race in roly poly ring activities.

When he leaves Australia Lewis will invade Mother India, and fling down the gauge to the famous Gama. After defeated Gama (Thye is optimistic), the “Strangler” will journey to England and put the kybosh on Tiger Daula, a big Indian at present busily engaged in breaking the bones of Pukka Sahibs in London.

After that, we presume, the much-travelled Mr. Lewis will return home to settle down on a chicken farm and roam no more.

“Strangler,” engaged in the wringing of a rooster’s neck, would be a sight for the gods.

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