Ted Thye Pins Sailor Wood

The Oregonian – July 9, 1925

Ted Thye defeated Sailor Jack Wood in two straight falls in their wrestling match at the Heilig theater last night. The Portland man handled his opponent pretty much as he pleased and, despite the fact that Wood tried everything in the wrestling book, including a few rough-house tactics, he didn’t appear to have a chance at any stage of the match.

Wood boasted before the match that he did not fear Thye’s wristlock and that he had a successful block for the hold, but he overlooked the fact that the Multnomah Club instructor knows a few holds besides his famous wrist grip. At that Thye was able to secure several wristlocks but Wood broke them all, not by any clever wrestling tactics, but by sheer brute strength.

When Thye pinned Wood for the first fall it was with an arm scissors which proved just as effective and painful as the wristlocks. The fall came at the end of 45 minutes 47 seconds. Wood’s shoulders were not plastered to the canvas but after struggling against the grip for several seconds he acknowledged defeat by pounding the mat.

After the usual 10-minute intermission and an extra five-minute rest which Wood asked for, it was announced that the ex-gob from Texas had suffered an injury to his shoulder as a result of struggling against the arm scissors hold but that against the advice of his doctor he was going to continue the match.

They clashed for the second fall with Wood putting up a game exhibition for a man who was supposed to have all but lost an arm in the first period. He roughed Thye around the ring for five minutes, but just as George Adams, timekeeper, called the first five-minute period Thye took Wood to the mat with a wristlock which he switched to a hammerlock and pinned the Texas grappler to the floor for the second and deciding fall.

Louis Pergandas won a one-fall victory over Frank Miller in the special event. The fall came at the end of 19 minutes 45 seconds.


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