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Phelan Orders Wrestling Cleanup

Syracuse Herald – September 27, 1934

A demoralized group of Syracuse wrestling and boxing officials were awaiting further word from the offices of the New York State Athletic Commission today, following an unexpected investigation on the part of Gen. John J. Phelan, chairman of the sports board, here last night. Continue reading

Mat Sport’s Acrobat

Ring Magazine – April, 1934
By Mike Cohn

The world of sport is full of freaks, but in no branch will you find so many varieties as in wrestling. Take for example Fritz Kley, the human contortionist who can fold himself into a pretzel appearance; Sol Slagel, another of the Kley type whose antics in the ring bring forth rounds of laughter and keep the fans in good humor throughout his match; Singh, the latest Hindu importation whose offerings of prayers followed by a continuous slapping of his right thigh have become familiar to New York fans; Matros Kirilenko, whose stately, soldierly carriage and his leopard’s skin robe have made him famous. Those are only a few of the many specimens in the mat world who have one or more peculiarities that have made a definite impression on the mat followers. Continue reading

Londos Defends Title In Two Falls

Washington Post, Thursday – December 13, 1934
By Bill McCormick

Jim Londos, the gorgeous Greek heavyweight wrestling champion, pulled  the leg of Vic Christy last night to win on straight falls from the California Cutie in an unusual exhibition at the Auditorium. Continue reading

Meet Jim Londos, Student, Character Reader, Wrestler

Washington Post – December 12, 1934
By Bill McCormick

You know Jim Londos, the mighty man of muscle who wrestles Vic Christy at the Auditorium here tonight? Well, meet Mr. Christopher Theophilus (Jim Londos for short on the mat), the mighty man of mind — Greek philosopyher, pyschologist, physicist, etc., etc. Continue reading


The Sydney Morning Herald – September 25, 1934

Koloff Beats Beth.

Dan Koloff, the Bulgarian wrestler, won with two falls against Bill Beth at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night.  The match was scheduled for eight rounds, but Koloff gained the first fall in the third round and the deciding one early in the fourth session. Continue reading

Who Won

Time – April 23, 1934

James (“Jim”) Browning, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion: two out of three falls in a match with bullet-headed, pot-bellied old Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis; in the Mexico City bullring, watched by a crowd of 20,000.

Castillo-Castle Fans’ Choice For Thursday Battle

Eugene Register-Guard – October 30, 1934

Pascual Castillo, the handsome Castillian, gets his chance for the justly-famed Spanish Vendetta Thursday night at the armory, when he is to meet Bob Castle, the Kansas City Butcher boy.  Castillo and Castle were chosen for the bout from a possible field of three matches, partially as the result of a poll of Lane wrestling fans and partially because of the imprudence of Lightning Rod Fenton Monday night in Portland. Continue reading

Lightning Rod Draws Ire, Beaten On Foul

Eugene Register-Guard – October 5, 1934

“I never get dirty.  I just get a little rough!” Lightning Rod Fenton said Thursday night before his main event coast championship bout with Ben Sherman.  The Lightning Rod’s definition of a “little rough” does not agree with Referee Harry Elliott’s, and it was this factor which saved Sherman his title, before a handful of fans at the armory. Continue reading

Lightning Rod Loses On Foul In Wild Bout

Eugene Register-Guard – September 7, 1934

Lightning rods draw lightning.  Although no one has ever expressed any serious doubts on the matter, if there were any unbelievers in the crowd at the armory Thursday night they should have been converted. Continue reading

Wrestler Pat Reilly To Marry In Seattle

Associated Press – January 6, 1934

EVERETT, Wash. – Ted Thye, Portland heavyweight, won two falls out of three to defeat Pat Reilly of Boston here last night in a wrestling bout. Reilly won the opener in the third round with a body press, but Thye took two falls in the fourth and fifth with shoulder presses. Continue reading