All The Big Ones In Wrestling Were Here

The Spokesman-Review – February 3, 1957

Hat keeps pushing back the glasses that keep sliding down his nose.

“Maybe it isn’t easy to take it easy,” he says.  “You remember so many names – just in wrestling, so many.  They were all here.  Stan Zybyszko, Jimmy Londos, Joe Stecher (he used to split a sack of wheat with his bare hands), Dan Koloff the Hungarian, Joe Savoldi, Dave Burns, who was a middleweight to and now does business in Colfax and Pullman.

“We had Charley Cottler here, and he was a great one.  He had a match with a fellow – oh, I wish I could think of his name, fellow from Canada.  All I can think of now, he wore a 7 3/8 hat.  Ted Thye, he coached wrestling at the old Multnomah AC in Portland, once he wrestled Walter Miller for 3 hours 20 minutes in the old Auditorium theater.

“That was the second place I promoted.  First there was the old Strand, then the Auditorium, then the American (that’s the Post now), then the Masonic temple for eight years, then the armory, and for the last three years the Fairgrounds.  It’s been a long time, and I didn’t quit wrestling until I was 53.

“What they do today – what shall I say?  It is entertainment, and the people like it, so if the people like it, that is good.


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