Cal Herman To Revive Sleeping Wrestling Game

Oregon Journal – February 6, 1944
By Marlowe Branagan

He admits just because a guy totes an umbrella to work it doesn’t necessarily follow it will rain, but right now dapper Cal Herman operates with the idea that if he gets enough heavyweight wrestlers in tow, eventually he will tow some of ‘em into Portland.

Cal is one of those oldish-youngish characters who will never get any gray hair for the plain and simple reason he hasn’t got any hair, but he has a lot of gray matter between his cauliflower ears. He found out long ago that just because he was short on beef it didn’t mean he had been dealt a low-ball hand on brains. As a result, he turned from wrestler to wrestling promoter.

Cal was a pretty fair country athlete in his interscholastic days at West High School in Salt Lake City. He took a fling at absorbing a bit more education at the University of Utah. He has a brother who once got an appointment to West Point from the late William H. King, former Utah senator.

As things turned out in the Herman family, one brother went to West Point, but Cal just went West. He applied his geometric learning to the art of proving the shortest point between two points was a straight right to the whiskers. He picked up a fair share of standard currency by beating a guy’s brains out.

Eventually, dapper Cal reached the end of the fistic trail, upon which he up and became a wrestler. Suffice to say he became a better than fair country bone bender and he studied geography from the confines of a Pullman window on his way hither and yon across the country in following his trade.

Came the time when Cal got the idea it would be better to let the other guy do the bone bending. He blossomed forth with promotional ideas and conducted legalized mat warfare in Northern California. He headquartered in Marysville and made railroad officials happy by choo-chooing around and about the state in pursuing his promotional talents.

Recently, Cal Herman got together with Ted Thye and the latter up and signed Cal as his matchmaker for the Western Athletic Club. Cal got busy and hunted up a list of prospects for duty in the Auditorium. It should be noted at this point that Cal first took time out to look over the Auditorium. He didn’t want to find himself with a carload of pachyderms on his hand and no place to toss ‘em.

Currently, Cal has the Auditorium signed and available for mat purposes on the night of Tuesday, Feb. 15. The joint is doing such a thriving business these days one would think it was a ration board headquarters. Activities there range from heavyweight wrestling to heavy operatic selections, which proves the place puts on everything from the ridiculous to the sublime, or vice versa, depending on whether a guy gets more kick out of seeing two heavyweights grunt than he does hearing two prima donnas groan.

Cal, being a philanthropic cuss, doesn’t want to run the crooners right out of the joint to make room for the groaners. He does, however, hope to sooner or later muscle in for more than one night a month and put some solid beef on display.

At the moment, Cal admits heavyweight wrestling is dead around these parts, but he hastens to assure one and all there are still some heavyweight wrestlers who are still alive. He has high hopes of enticing some of ‘em to the great Northwest in the near future for the purpose of putting them into action against each other.

Right now, his most specific job is getting Steve Casey to appear here against a top-flight rival. The Irish matman is the only conqueror of The Angel in an American ring. He is swift, sure and possessor of a lot of savvy.

For all Steve doesn’t know it and Herman hasn’t said so in so many words, one gets the idea Cal knows a thing or two about reviving a sport which apparently is as dead as the guy who made a head to hatchet acquaintance with an Indian’s tomahawk in 1878. Steve will be used as a shot in the arm, so to speak, in heavyweight circles hereabouts. “Dr. Herman” will judge the patient’s condition after taking a look-see at what turns out to see Steve.


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