Wrestlers Moaning; It’s So Unusual

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – May 4, 1941
By Royal Brougham

With all the tragedy and sorrowing in the world, a good chuckle is worth the price of the newspaper.

If there isn’t a laugh in this resolution from the Wrestling Mob, then quit reading the column and turn over to Blondie and Dagwood.

In a serious vein, the rasslers are broadcasting a protest against the “ludicrous manner in which the dignified professional is treated in a current moving picture.” Among the Whereases is this one:

“WHEREAS: The Wrestling Profession, being a profession of dignity and one which rightfully imbues its members with a feeling of pride, its roster being composed of the Flower of American Manhood…”

(Honest, it really says that!)

“THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That members of the profession join together for the purpose of maintaining its existence on the high plane which it has attained, and the motion picture producers be importuned to refrain in the future from belittling the wrestling profession and otherwise casting aspersions upon its dignity.”

(That’s the same dignified profession which features mud wrestling matches, blindfolded gladiators, clowns in long whiskers and fake battles royal.)

Among the Groan and Grunters who signed this gem was Jim Londos, leader of the gang which recently staged a sour Greek Relief show in Seattle. With sympathy for the poor Greeks welling up from their kind hearts, Portland’s Ted Thye and Spokane’s Charley York were co-promoters with Londos in this beautiful philanthropic movement which ended in the usual scandal.

The mat trust was just trying to jimmy its way back into the Seattle sports program on the assumption that one or two of us skeptics had forgotten the very unfunny finish to one of the last shows held here last year. During the phony riot act a man got killed and the jig was up.

Comes now a national protest from the honest, dignified rassling trust and if that isn’t funny, then you get your nickel back.


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