Zbyszko Is Victor In Wrestling Bout

The Oregonian – July 17, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko, Big Munn’s 58-year-old conqueror, twice heavyweight champion of the world and loser of his second title only recently to Joe Stecher, made short work at the Heilig last night of the Giant Hindu, Jatrinda Gobar.

Zibby gained the first fall in 30 minutes, 1 second, with a crotch hold and half nelson. His cleverness was interestingly demonstrated in taking this fall, for Gobar had him apparently in trouble at the time with a standing wristlock. But Zibby, by a lightning move, seized Gobar by the crotch with his free arm and when Gobar, to protect himself, freed the other, Zibby applied a half nelson, raised Gobar’s 234 pounds a couple of feet off the floor, and dropped him with a thump to the mat. The fall followed almost immediately.

This hold, by the way, was the same with which Big Munn defeated Zibby in their first match, and also the same with which Zibby turned the tables on Munn in their second encounter.

Zbyszko wasted no time at all in gaining the second fall on Gobar last night after the ten-minute intermission.

He tried once for a flying mare, but missed. Again Gobar began working on Zibby from behind while both were standing. Zibby reached back, caught the Hindu with both hands behind the ears, and with the power of a steam-hoisting engine dragged him by his head up and over his own head and shoulders, and down with a plump on the mat.

The hard fall jarred the Hindu and it was only a matter of a few seconds for Zibby to pin him for the fall and match. The time was 7 minutes and 30 seconds, making the total wrestling time only 37 minutes, 7 seconds; the fall a flying mare.

It was a mighty interesting exhibition of scientific wrestling, with Gobar displaying plenty of skill and a versatility of holds, but in nowise the equal of the chunky ex-champion. Gobar weighed 234 pounds to 224 – for Zbyszko. Rollie Woodruff refereed.

Zibby gave the crowd a fine laugh once when Gobar attempted to headlock his shaved pate. Zibby sank his head down between his huge shoulders like a turtle and there was so little for Gobar to grab at that his arm slipped off Zibby’s dome as if it had been a greased onion. Gobar specialized in the wristlock as much as anything, but though he turned Zibby head over heels three or four times with it, couldn’t the Pole when he had him.

The third and concluding match of the three-day Elks convention wrestling carnival will be held tonight at the Heilig.

Ted Thye, who was to have wrestled the winner of the Billy Edwards-Ira Dern encounter, positively refuses to wrestle Edwards, who gained the decision from Dern Wednesday night on a foul. Thye says Edwards’ rough work is entirely too crude, that he never will wrestle him again unless Edwards posts a forfeit guaranteeing to keep himself within the bounds of wrestling decency.

With Thye declining to meet Edwards, promoter Virgil Hamlin has decided o put Dern and Edwards on again. He has withheld both wrestlers’ share of the purse Wednesday night, and whether they are paid tonight depends entirely on their good behavior.

“They can be as rough as they like within the wreslting rules, and that’s rough enough for any one,” said Hamlin last night. “But head-butting and punching are barred. It must be a clean match. The match starts at 9 o’clock with Sailor Wood to appear against Mart Henderson in the preliminary at 8:30.


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