‘Ali Baba Bah!’ – So Scoffs Gus

Detroit Free Press – April 28, 1936

As far as Gus Sonnenberg is concerned, he will be wrestling for the world’s championship Friday night when he takes on Danno O’Mahoney at the Olympia. The dispute in the courts has not affected Gus in the least.

“I was in the same boat when I wrestled Ed (Strangler) Lewis about five, six years ago,” he recalled. “Jim Browning was claiming the title, and so was Ed Don George. But I was interested in Lewis and whatever went with him. He was the champion as far as I was concerned and when I threw him, I took it.

“And it’s the same year,” he continued. “Danno says he’s still the champ and it’s okay with me. I’ll throw him and I’ll take everything that goes with it. Especially that $10,000 belt. It’ll be worth my while at that.”

Sonnenberg, who lacks no confidence in his own ability, was certain that he would pin O’Mahoney. He has tested the Irishman on several occasions but always fell shy of the mark.

“But he’s weakening,” he said with a smile. “I’ve been softening him up.”

If Sonnenberg upsets the Irishman, he will lack no opponents. Orville Brown, Jim McMillen and the veteran Lewis are on the same card and anxious to get the winner. Brown, especially, is on the trail of “Dynamite Gus” because of the manner in which the ex-gridder sidetracked him in their bout two weeks ago.

Brown is matched with Ernie Zeller, McMillen with Lewis, Sam Cordovano takes on Mike Romano and Nick Lutze meets Sun Jennings.

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