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Injunction Sought

The Canberra Times – August 19, 1927

MELBOURNE, Thursday.
Mr. Justice McArthur refused to-day to grant to Adolph Ernst, a wrestler, known professionally as Ad Santel, an international injunction to restrain Sam Clapham, wrestler, Richard Lean, promoter, and Melbourne Stadiums, Ltd., from describing Clapham as light heavyweight champion of the world. Santel sought an injunction pending the train of action against the three defendants for damages. He contended that he had suffered pecuniary loss from the defendant’s misstatements. Continue reading

State Mat Champions To Meet Friday Night

The Milwaukee Journal – March 9, 1927

Champions of two states will meet Friday night at the Gayety theater when Ernest Scharpegge, Milwaukee, tackles Buck Olson, Minneapolis.  The Milwaukeean has laid claim to the Wisconsin heavyweight wrestling title, while Olson is generally acclaimed the champion of Minnesota.  They are about evenly matched as to size and weight. Continue reading

Mexican Mat Champ To Show At Empress

The Milwaukee Journal – March 9, 1927

Frank Aguayo of Mexico and Bob Anderson will meet in a finish wrestling match at the Empress theater Thursday night.  Aguayo has worked here before and has won a host of supporters by his fast, clever work.  The Mexican is regarded as the greatest wrestler who ever came to the States from across the border.  He holds the heavyweight championship of his country.

Lewis Drops Wayne Munn

Miami Daily News – March 10, 1927

SHREVEPORT, La., March 10. – (AP) – Ed “Strangler” Lewis, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling title, defeated Wayne “Big” Munn in two straight falls here Wednesday night.  The first fall came in 52 minutes 58 seconds, and the second in 20 minutes.  Lewis used flying headlocks to win both falls.  Munn weighed 270 pounds and Lewis 235.

Dern Wins On Foul From Mike Romano

The Oregonian – November 3, 1927

Ira Dern, the handsome Salt Lake City matman, won from Mike Romano, Chicago Italian, on a foul in their wrestling match at the Heilig Theater last night. The match ended when, after each man had taken a fall, Romano gave Dern the knee in the pit of the stomach. That was too much for referee Chet Wiles who, up to that time, had been overlooking considerable more rough stuff than the wrestling law allows. He stepped in while Dern was still writhing on the mat from the effects of the kick and awarded the match to the Salt Lake City grappler. Continue reading

Dern And Romano To Wrestle Tonight

The Oregonian – November 2, 1927

Football has its Red Granges and baseball its Ty Cobbs, boxing its Dempseys and wrestling also boasts of some colorful athletes, pre-eminent among whom is Ira Dern, Salt Lake sheik, who meets Mike Romano in a muscle-grinding tilt at the Heilig Theater tonight. Of comparatively slight build for a heavyweight, the vivid Utahan is catlike, his every movement and his face shines with a deadly battle light when he is on the mat. He is rough and strong and extremely popular with Portland fans. Dern has appeared here in more sell-out engagements than any other visiting wrestler. Continue reading

Casey O’Dale Wins From Rudy Warner

The Oregonian – October 26, 1927

Casey O’Dale, Irish matman of Cedar Rapids, Ia., slammed Rudy Warner, Omaha grappler, to the padded canvas for a clean knockout in their match last night at the Heilig Theater. The limb-locking tussle, one of the most spectacular ever seen here, ended right then and there, with the Irish lad declared a winner, for Warner was unable to come back after a 15-minute rest. Continue reading

Stan Too Old

Salt Lake Telegram – April 1, 1927

CHICAGO, April 1 (AP) – Stan Zbyszko is too old to garner more shekels in this state.  The state athletic commission has a 45-year age limit for wrestlers.  Stan say he’s 48: commission says 55.

The Idea! Wrestling Match Framed To Get His $12,000?

Ironwood Daily Globe – January 15, 1927

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Characterizing his arrest here Thursday night as a “clear case of attempted blackmail,” Jimmy Londos, Greek wrestler, declared in a statement late Friday that he intended to “fight this thing out” to prove to his friends and the wrestling world that he is innocent.

Continue reading

Wayne Munn Tosses Tuffy Ojile Easily

The Milwaukee Journal – February 19, 1927

Wayne Munn made quick work of Tuffy Ojile in the main event of the wrestling card held at the Gayety theater Friday night.  The former champion gained the first fall in 27 minutes, using a headlock.  Ojile was unable to come out for the second fall, claiming an injury to his head.  In the first bout Marin Plestina beat Scotty McDougal in 24 minutes.