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Whip Tames Wild Bill Before Mob Of 15,000

Globe & Mail – March 7, 1947
By Allan Nickleson

Whippah Billy Watson retained his newly won world wrestling championship before a jam-packed, roaring multitude of some 15,000 fans at Maple Leaf Gardens last night – and he accomplished the feat fairly easily against the caddish chappie he beat for the bauble. Continue reading

Miller Poses No Problem To Kowalski

Montreal Gazette – December 29, 1955

It’s two down and the rest of the field to go for giant Wladek Kowalski today. Last night, the big fella took the measure of Big Bill Miller in another bruising encounter that had the holiday crowd yipping throughout the three falls. Continue reading

The Great Togo, Larry Moquin Meet On Tuesday

Ottawa Citizen – March 13, 1953

It will be speed against the power of the judo-chopping Jap, the Great Togo, in next Tuesday night’s main wrestling feature at the Auditorium. Continue reading

Kowalski Drives Primo To Defeat As 13,000 Watch

The Globe and Mail, Toronto – February 27, 1953
By Al Nickleson

Killer Kowalski, as a mat butcher, fully realizes the high price of beef. Last night, he attempted to rustle a month’s supply by galloping off with Primo Carnera’s leg. (This is a leg?) He didn’t succeed, but he did force the Italian strongman into conceding the main maul at Maple Leaf Gardens. Continue reading