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Browning Wins Nod From Savoldi At Stadium

Associated Press – June 12, 1933

Yankee Stadium, NEW YORK – It took Jim Browning, champion of one wing of the wrestling party, almost two full hours tonight to gain a decision over Joe Savoldi, title pretender from Notre Dame, in a rain-soaked ring in the American League ballpark. The match went one hour, 58 minutes, five seconds, before the curfew law brought relief to 6,000 drenched spectators and the decision to Browning. Continue reading

Detton Steele Draw In Top Attraction

Rocky Mountain News – January 14, 1938
By Abe Pollock

Dean Detton, 225-pound Salt Lake City grappler who formerly claimed one of the ‘umptee heavyweight wrestling titles, wrestled to what is known to the trade as a Mexican standoff in a bout with Ray Steele, 220-pound Nebraskan, in the top spot on Jack Kanner’s mat show last night at the Auditorium. Continue reading

Jim Londos Still Has It, Pins Baxter

San Francisco Chronicle – December 14, 1938

Jeemy Londos, the Greek Adonis, still has what it takes.

Before a banner house at Dreamland last night, Londos reduced LaVerne Baxter, erstwhile “bad man,” to the status of teacher’s pet in two straight falls. Continue reading

Londos Meets Baxter

San Francisco Chronicle – December 13, 1938

Boxcar Jeemy Londos, triple threat of the mat, returns to his old hangout at Dreamland Auditorium tonight to take the wild out of Wildman LaVerne Baxter in a two-hour, three-falls struggle for the world’s grapple belt. Continue reading