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George Picked In Mat Go

Los Angeles Times – October 12, 1930

Don George, former University of Michigan mat star, and twice winner of the national amateur grappling title, is being picked to beat Bob (Bibber) McCoy, flying tackle exponent, when they clash at the Olympic Wednesday night in the finish feature event of “Carnation” Lou Daro’s all-star wrestling show. Continue reading

Eliminate Three In Wrestling Bouts

The Southeast Missourian – February 14, 1930

Kansas City, Feb. 14. – (AP) – Three of the field of 30 heavyweight wrestlers entered in a series of matches planned by the Kansas City American Legion to pick a logical contender for the world title claimed by Gus Sonnenberg were eliminated today as a result of the first card last night. Continue reading

Who Won

Time – April 14, 1930

Strangler Ed Lewis, onetime heavyweight wrestling champion of the world: A bout in Madison Square Garden with Marin Plestina, Chicago muscler, by pushing him in the face with fingers outspread until Plestina no longer objected to being flopped over.

George To Seek Best Mat Stars

Los Angeles Times – October 5, 1930

Don George, former national amateur champion and only undefeated top-notch heavyweight grappler in the game, yesterday asked Promoter Lou Daro for a chance to meet some of the nationally known first-raters here. Continue reading

Illinois Bans Heavies From Wrestling Shows

Associated Press – January 21, 1930
By Charles W. Dunkley

CHICAGO – Heavyweight wrestling in Illinois was placed under ban indefinitely today.

The Illinois State Athletic Commission gave the sport a stunning blow after failing to interest wrestlers of all factions to enter an elimination tournament proposed by the commission to decide the championship. Continue reading

Reed Throws Waino

The Eugene Register-Guard – December 9, 1930

Waino Ketonen, Finnish wrestler and holder of the world’s junior middleweight championship, lost Monday evening at Albany to Robin Reed, of Reedsport, according to Herb Owen, who saw the match.  Waino won the first fall in 25 minutes but Robin returned for the second and gave Ketonen a bad eye when he kicked him during the process of an armstretch.  Reed whip wristlocked him and took the fall. Continue reading

Memoirs Of A Promoter

Ring Magazine – May, 1930
By Jack Curley, as told to Frank Graham

. . . Even among some of my friends there lingers an impression that I was born in Europe, but this isn’t so. Five years before my birth, my parents, who were Alasatians, fled to this country to escape reprisals after the Franco-Prussian war, for the end of the war found Strassburg, which was their home, a part of the German Empire and their sympathies had lain with France. Arriving in New York, my parents proceeded almost without delay to San Francisco, where they had relatives and there, on July 4, 1876, I was born. Continue reading

‘Thees Jeem’ Clears Wrestling Title Mess

Atlanta Constitution – June 8, 1930
By Ralph McGill

“Thees Jeem” Londos has scrambled that big olive skinned body of his right up to the top of the heap of the pachyderms and all signs point to peace and quiet in the industry which has been mightily stirred up by the various people claiming the heavyweight title. Continue reading

No Apology To Offer

Ironwood Daily Globe – March 20, 1930

Criticism has been offered in some quarters for the failure of The Daily Globe to display enthusiasm, in its publicity, over the wrestling match that was conducted on the Gogebic range Monday night. The Daily Globe feels that it owes no apology to the promoters. It might be well, however, for this newspaper to reiterate its position on most wrestling matches, not excluding the so-called championship affairs in which the great Gus Sonnenberg participates. Continue reading

Londos Defends Title At Spiller Field

Atlanta Constitution – July 9, 1930

Jimmy Londos retained his heavyweight wrestling title Tuesday night at Spiller Field when he forced Dick Daviscourt to two falls with the famous Japanese toe hold, a jui jitsu variation with which Londos defeated Dick Shikat to win the title. Peter Sauer won from Tom Marvin in an exciting semi windup. Continue reading