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Gardini’s Strength Overcomes Meyers

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – March 7, 1928

Renato Gardini and Fred Meyers wrestled for 40 minutes at the New Ridgewood Grove last night with neither having any perceptible advantage.  Then Meyers suddenly surprised Gardini by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hurling him sidewise across the ring.

Gardini arose, scowling, and met Meyers’ attack by encircling his arms about the body of the Jewish champion.  Meyers was lifted over Gardini’s head and thrown to the mat.  The bout was to have been to a finish.

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DeGlane Nearly Bows To Gus Sonnenberg

Albany Times Union – July 1, 1932

BOSTON, Mass., July 1 – Henri Deglane of Montreal, a leading claimant of the world’s heavyweight  wrestling championship, is breathing many sighs of relief today.  He almost lost his crown to Gus Sonnenberg, the former champion, here last night.  Luckily for Henri, Gus fagged out the same time he did.  They both retired for the evening after one hour and 30 minutes of a grueling battle.

Deglane Bests Reg Siki

Buffalo Evening News – September 7, 1932

PITTSFIELD, Mass., Sept. 7 (AP) – Henri Deglane, 216, Montreal, won over Reginald Siki, 210, Abyssinia, in two straight falls in a wrestling match here Tuesday night.  The first fall was in 22 minutes, with a double-arm lock and back flop and the second in 11 minutes with a body lift.  In another match Pat Fraley, 210, Toronto, and Scotty Dawkins, 205, New Orleans, wrestled to a draw.

New French Mat Star in Auditorium Match

The Pawtucket Times – October 15, 1930

The new French grappling sensation, Al Baffert, is slated to make his United States mat debut at the opening professional wrestling show of the season in the Rhode Island Auditorium next Tuesday night. Matchmaker Cy Mitchell of the Acme A. A. has matched Baffert with Jack Ganson for a 45-minute semi-final to the finish match between Cowboy Jack Wagner and John Kilonis.

If Baffert can get by Ganson, who is a formidable trial horse, he will be featured later by Mitchell. Ganson has always given a good account of himself, win or lose, in his many mat appearances in Rhode Island. Ganson, who weighs around 215 pounds and is a rugged and aggressive performer, will have a 15-pound advantage on Baffert.

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Professional Wrestling Popular Great Show Every Tuesday Night

The St. Maurice Valley Chronicle – May 7, 1936

Arena Scene of High Class Heavyweight Professional Wrestling Every Tuesday Night. – See the Big Pachyderms in Action. – Popular Prices.

After last Tuesday’s exciting bouts at the Arena, the fans now realize that the promoters mean business by bringing the cream of the lot to Three Rivers.

Next Tuesday, Yvon Robert, the popular coming world’s champion, will provide the highlight in the final against Henry Biers.  The latter has been seen in action here twice, he is a most promising prospect for the title, so that he and Robert should put on one of the classiest bouts ever seen at the Arena.

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The Grunt And Groan Business

Canadian Business – January 1948
by Andy O’Brien

For better or for worse, the hilariously maligned science of Grunt and Groan has been parlayed into big business in Montreal.   Local enthusiasts there contributed more than $300,000 to wrestling during 1947.   This all-time record box office gross, amassed during 40 shows at the Forum and exceeding even the previous turnstile feat of $240,264 in 1946 at the same Forum, has firmly entrenched the Canadian metropolis as wrestling mecca of the world and a reformed Boston taxi-driver as Pachyderm Promotional Peer.

Executives of more prosaic business enterprises are often surprised to learn that Grunt and Groan Inc. operates more by guide than by guess.

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Sonnenberg Takes Two Out Of Three Falls From McCoy

Nashua Telegraph – June 27, 1930

Has Easy Time With Boston Man

Holy Cross Star Takes First Fall

BOSTON, June 27, (AP) – Gus Sonnenberg, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship, won two out of three falls from Bob “Bibber” McCoy, former Holy Cross athlete from Cambridge in a battle of flying tackles here tonight.  McCoy won the first fall in 33 minutes and Sonny the next two in 16 and 6 minutes respectively.

McCoy apparently shot his bolt during the 33 minutes of torrid wrestling for the first fall.  This came when Sonnenberg backed “Bibber” into a neutral corner to maneuver for flying tackle.  Before he could launch his butt, McCoy spilled him with a front headlock and banged his shoulders to the mat with a tackle and butt.

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Steele v. Strangler

Time – December 12, 1932

Two of the ugliest professional athletes in the U. S. last week crawled through the ropes of a ring at Madison Square Garden. One was blubbery Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, recognized by the New York State Athletic Commission as the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. The other was crook-nosed Ray Steele, whose challenge the Commission had ordered Lewis to accept. Continue reading

Eliminate Three In Wrestling Bouts

The Southeast Missourian – February 14, 1930

Kansas City, Feb. 14. – (AP) – Three of the field of 30 heavyweight wrestlers entered in a series of matches planned by the Kansas City American Legion to pick a logical contender for the world title claimed by Gus Sonnenberg were eliminated today as a result of the first card last night. Continue reading

Koloff Plans Mat Campaign

Los Angeles Times – November 21, 1930

Dan Koloff’s devastating headlocks and front head slams, two holds in which the Balkan mat lion specializes, are expected to play havoc with Don George’s chances of repeating his victory over the powerful 225-pounder when they meet in the finish feature event of Lou Daro’s wrestling show at the Olympic Wednesday night (Nov. 26). Continue reading