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Greek Capitalizes On ‘Break’ To Triumph

Philadelphia Inquirer – May 3, 1928
By Perry Lewis

Outwrestled for one hundred out of the hundred and ten minutes, his shoulders within a few inches of the floor time after time as a crafty and profound student of mat tactics resorted to every trick of grappling, Jim Londos raised his curly black head from the aches of defeat at the Arena last night, and in one magnificent explosion of energy scored one of the most impressive triumphs of his career by flattening John Pesek.

The fall came one hour and fifty minutes after the men had come to grips, and the hold that established Londos as the outstanding challenger of the world’s championship held by Strangler Lewis was a Japanese headlock. Continue reading

Pesek And Londos All Set

Philadelphia Inquirer – May 2, 1928

Wrestling in Philadelphia, revived four years ago by the irrepressible Aurelio Fabiani, may touch its peak tonight when those arch rivals of the mat, Jim Londos and John Pesek, come to grips in a finish match at the Arena.

The Quaker City has entertained seven or eight world’s championship bouts since the renaissance of the sport here, but none of these have inspired the discussion stirred up by the Londos-Pesek affair. Continue reading

Nebraska Eel Uses Hold Medley To Win

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 14, 1928
By Perry Lewis

When John Pesek, the Bohemian eel, who makes his home on a Nebraska ranch, remarked a week ago that he would flatten Ray Steele in about half the time that Jim Londos required, he evidently wasn’t making an idle boast.

For last night at the Arena before a crowd of 4,500 mat fans Pesek reduced the burly Californian to a quivering mass of trembling flesh with a head scissors, with a combined arm lock and grapevine, in one hour, ten minutes and five seconds. Continue reading

Tigerman’s Unorthodox Grips Hold No Terror, Steele Asserts

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 13,1928
By Perry Lewis

Three young American wrestlers who are seeking recognition as championship contenders, and one veteran who is generally recognized as the most dangerous challenger Ed (Strangler) Lewis is consistently avoiding, will go into action tonight at Aurelio Fabiani’s fortnightly mat entertainment at the Arena. Continue reading

Modern Wrestling Harder Game Than Gotch Knew

Havre Daily News – December 1, 1928

ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — The late Frank Gotch, who is the standard by which wrestlers have been measured through the years since he ruled the mat domain, would never be champion of the world today in the opinion of Stanislaus Zbyszko, oldest grappler in the game and one of the most ancient of competitive athletes in the world today. Continue reading

John Spellman Wins

The Lewiston Daily Sun – December 19, 1928

Providence, R. I., Dec. 18 – (AP) – John Spellman of Providence, defeated Freddy Myer of Chicago in two straight falls in 51 minutes and 14 seconds at the Acme A. C. matches in the Arcadia here tonight. Continue reading

Two Collegians In Mat Go Here

The Milwaukee Journal – January 13, 1928

It will be Illinois vs. Nebraska when Jim McMillen and Wayne Munn clash on the mat at the Gayety theater Friday night.

This is the first time the two collegians have met and the bout will be attended by a number of wrestling celebrities, including Champion Johnny Meyers and Marin Plestina, who have prepared McMillen for this tiff with the Nebraska giant. Continue reading

Clever Exhibition

The Examiner – August 20, 1928

Miller And Tom Alley


Saturday night at the Stadium Walter Miller, world middleweight wrestling champion, proved that his form against Hugh Nicholls in Sydney was wrong.  He opposed the big Mormon wrestler, Tom Alley, who had also trained down lighter. The weights were:-Alley, 12.10; Miller, 12.1 1/2.  Mr. C. Honroth refereed a fast and spectacular bout, which ended in the seventh round. Continue reading

Zarynoff Beats Winrow

The Examiner – August 20, 1928

Contestants Counted Out


The Russian wrestler, George Zarynoff (12.13) gained an easy victory over Jack Winrow (12.7), of England, at the Brisbane Stadium on Saturday night, scoring two falls to one.  It was a poor contest, and the contestants were frequently counted out by the crowd.  Early in the second Zarynoff secured a reverse Boston Crab, and a submission fall.  In the following round Winrow secured a headlock, and ultimately weakened the Russian sufficiently to hold him down for a fall.  In the fifth round Zarynoff threw the Englishman on his head, and secured a fall.  Winrow was in such a dazed condition that he was unable to continue.  Zarynoff was the smarter, and probably the more finished wrestler of the two.

Ad Santel Again

The Examiner – August 20, 1928


Ad Santel (13.0) continued his unbroken run of victories in Australia by defeating young Bob Kruse (13.6 1/2) on a submission fall, through a short scissors on the arm, gained after 54 minutes of a tough gruelling match, at the Stadium on Saturday.