Champ Wrestler At Arena Tonight

The Southeast Missourian – June 7, 1955

Glamorous world champion girl wrestler June Byers will defend her mat crown against Bonnie Watson, vivacious blonde, tonight at the Arena.  Miss Byers won the title from Mildred Burke last August and has proved to be a fighting champion.  She has defended her crown over 150 times and has given every worthwhile opponent a chance to beat her.  Miss Watson, shapely new mat sensation, has been wrestling for only 2 years but she has climbed to the top as a worthy challenger for Miss Byers’ title.  Bonnie looks like a model or a movie star and is a very demure young lass outside of the ring.  But her mild manner disappears the moment that she steps into the ring and she will use every hold, legal or otherwise to win a match.  Miss Byers has had 8 years of ring experience.  This championship match is scheduled to go 2 out of 3 falls with a 45 minute time limit.

Wild Bill Longston 242-pound former world champion will match his Pile Driver against 260-pound Vic Holbrook, cobra twist specialist in the main event.  Longston left an infuriated crowd of wrestling fans at the Arena last week when he Pile-Drived Clyde Steeves 5 times and left him unconscious for over 10 minutes after the match was over.  Holbrook told Longston that he hated to see a wrestler use those tactics after he had already beat his opponent.  Longston stated, in no uncertain terms, that he did not value Holbrook’s opinion and that he would give him the same medicine if he ever had the opportunity.  Promoter Leonard Thomas stepped into the fracas and invited Holbrook and Longston to settle their differences in the ring this week.  They both agreed and this Main event is scheduled to go 2 out of 3 falls with a 1-hour time limit.

Ray Villmer, 220-pound roughneck from Kansas City, will meet 235-pound deaf mute George Hubert of St. Louis in the opening match.  Villmer has been wrestling for 15 years and formerly held the Southern heavyweight championship.

Hubert received his training in the various gyms around St. Louis and is considered one of the brightest young stars despite his handicap.  This match is scheduled to go 1 fall or a 30-minute time limit.

John Green 152 pounds and William Phillips 160 pounds, amateurs of the Odd Fellows wrestling class will meet in a 1 fall or 6-minute amateur match.  This match is scheduled to get under way at 8:15.

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