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Brother Jonathan Disqualified

The Sydney Morning Herald – October 17, 1939

There was a wild finish to the wrestling match at the Ruchcutter Bay Stadium last night, when Ronald Kirchmeyer (18st) was declared the winner after Brother Jonathan (17-5) was disqualified in the seventh round for striking the referee, Mr. Norman.  Each man gained a fall. Continue reading

Brother Jonathan’s Idea

The Age – September 28, 1939

The Mormon heavy-weight wrestler Brother Jonathan has arrived here for his match with Ray Steele at the West Melbourne stadium on Saturday night.  It will be his first match for the season here.  Since he last appeared Brother Jonathan has wrestled in New Zealand and South America, as well as in the principal cities of the United States.  He said he was still a firm believer in direct action in the ring, and did not believe, when he was jolted in a contest, in turning the other cheek. Continue reading

Bill Hanson Pins Bill Longson

Sacramento Union – January 12, 1937

Bill Hanson proved the winner when the Coast champion scored two successive falls with leglocks in his feud with Bill Longson after losing the first, to win the main event wrestling match last night in Memorial Auditorium. Longson scored the first fall in 20 minutes, 19 seconds after roughing Hanson all the way with plenty of “dirty” tactics. Continue reading

Rematch Won By Accident

Spokesman-Review – January 29, 1936

“Brother Jonathan” Heaton, 235, Salt Lake City, defeated Paul Boesch, 215, Brooklyn, N.Y., for the second time in their return wrestling match last night before a medium sized crowd in the Masonic Temple arena. Heaton took the first fall in the second round with a series of body slams and headlocks. Continue reading

Wrestling Riot As Match Ends In Chaos

Spokesman-Review – January 16, 1936

The weekly wrestling show last night before the season’s largest crowd at the Masonic Temple arena broke up in a riot between wrestlers, spectators and policemen, but ended before any one was seriously hurt. The police finally chased indignant spectators out of the ring, escorted the wrestlers and referee from the scene and restored order after five minutes of the wildest excitement. Continue reading

Savoldi Bests Bearded Rival

The Oregonian – January 2, 1942

Heavyweight wrestling returned to Portland Thursday night, and more than 1,500 fans greeted the grapplers on promoter Jack Ganson’s five-match card at the auditorium. Continue reading

Savoldi To Face Jonathan On Opening Card

The Oregonian – December 21, 1941

Brother Jonathan, Salt Lake City, will be Joe Savoldi’s main-event opponent at the opening heavyweight wrestling program at the auditorium New Year’s night, Jack Ganson, new promoter, announced Saturday. Brother Jonathan spent four years in Austalia and New Zealand, and returned to this country only last month. Continue reading