Eagle Meets Longson On Mat Tonight

Chicago Tribune – October 15, 1954

A triple feature wrestling show will be presented in Rainbo Arena tonight with six outstanding performers as principals. These are Chief Don Eagle, Ruffy Silverstein, Bill Miller, The Great Karpozilos, Sonny Myers, and Wild Bill Longson.

The show will launch a new Rainbo policy. Promoter Leonard Schwartz will offer two shows monthly on Fridays instead of weekly Wednesday programs.

In the main bout tonight, Don Eagle, Mohawk Indian regarded as the No. 1 contender for Lou Thesz’ title, will engage Longson, who lost the title to Thesz in 1948. The bout will be two of three falls with a 60-minute limit.

In another feature, Miller, former Big Ten wrestling champion and football player at Ohio State, meets Myers, who grappled Thesz to a 60-minute draw several months ago. Karpozilos, the Greek champion who has won 20 straight bouts since coming to this country, will wrestle Silverstein, who won the Big Ten title three years in succession while at Illinois.

Two other bouts will complete the card. Dick Hutton, who won the intercollegiate championship three times while at Oklahoma and represented the United States in the 1948 Olympics, opposes Lou Montana. A tag match will pair Billy McDaniels and Stu Gibson against Joe Millich and Ralph Garibaldi.

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