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Around Our Town

Humboldt Standard – November 2, 1954
By Scoop Beal

With the announcement that world’s wrestling champion Lou Thesz would come to Eureka next Monday for a match at Municipal Auditorium, there came about much talk of wrestling champions through the ages – there are still a few oldtimers around that remember Frank Gotch as the greatest of them all – and there are the oldtimers who claim that “Strangler” Ed Lewis, champion during the “Golden Age” of sports, was the greatest matman that ever lived – the ruling body of wrestling in the U.S.A. is known as the National Wrestling Alliance – this organization recorded the champions of wrestling from 1905 to the present day, as follows: Continue reading

Rogers Throws M’Cormick

The Salt Lake Herald – March 7, 1909

Chicago, March 6. – In the wrestling program at the Chicago Athletic club to-night Joe Rogers threw Jack McCormick twice in thirty minutes.  Kid Cutler won twice against the Mysterious Conductor.  Jim Garvin of New York threw Pardello once and Pardello won the second time.  Charles Postle won over John Abrahams.