Holbrook Loses To Bill Longston

The Southeast Missourian – June 8, 1955

Wild Bill Longston used less than 20 minutes to defeat Vic Holbrook last night at the Arena and June Byers successfully defended her mat crown against Bonnie Watson.  Ray Villmer, rough Kansas City wrestler, whipped Silent George Hubert in 15:30 minutes to win their 1 fall match.

Longston used everything on Holbrook but the bell hammer to take the initial fall in 18:47.  Ray Villmer entered the ring and challenged the winner of the match but got no response from Holbrook.  Longston threw Holbrook out of the ring and Villmer grabbed him and drove his head into the side of the ring.  Longston pulled him back into the ring and pinned him in 1:45 minutes to take the deciding fall.  June Byers used a series of monkey flips and hip tosses to soften Bonnie Watson for the pin to take the initial fall in 18 minutes.  June took the final fall with a new hold that she calls the Byers’ Bridge in 12:30 to retain her wrestling crown.

John Green and William Phillips wrestled the full 6 minutes to a draw in the amateur match.

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