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Rod Fenton Pins The Italian Count

The Borger Daily Herald – November 14, 1939

That canny Canadian, Rod Fenton proved his mastery here at the Arena last night in winning a main event bout over Count Antonio Marino, the swarthy Italian.

Fenton took the third and deciding fall in the match in which Marino substituted for Red Shadow who has an injured shoulder. Continue reading

Bill Hanson Pins Bill Longson

Sacramento Union – January 12, 1937

Bill Hanson proved the winner when the Coast champion scored two successive falls with leglocks in his feud with Bill Longson after losing the first, to win the main event wrestling match last night in Memorial Auditorium. Longson scored the first fall in 20 minutes, 19 seconds after roughing Hanson all the way with plenty of “dirty” tactics. Continue reading

One Red Shadow Tourney Winner

The Oregonian – December 24, 1936

The Pacific Coast Red Shadow used his back breaker to good advantage last night to take the final tussle of a 16-man tournament from Glen Savage.

The windup of the wild and wooly grappling program was just as wild and action-filled as the 14 preceding encounters which led up to the final. Continue reading

Mat Behemoths Set For Tourney

The Oregonian – December 23, 1936

Portland wrestling fans will sit in judgment on one of the hottest wrestling arguments that has taken place in the northwest in years tonight when they weigh the comparative ability of the two Red Shadows, the one who has been wrestling in the northwest and the one whose exploits have been just as great a sensation in the Rocky Mountain region. Continue reading

Negro And Brutus Win

St. Petersburg Times – September 11, 1969

TAMPA – Cyclone Negro and Beautiful Brutus took the feature over the Great Malenko and Dale Lewis Tuesday night at Tampa’s Homer Hesterly Armory.  Sam Steamboat went to a draw with Hiro Matsuda.  Duke Keomuka and El Mongol defeated the Bastien Brothers.  Big Cat King smashed Eduardo Parez and Bob Roop won over the masked Red Shadow.