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Hans Bauer To Meet Gotch On Thursday

The Sunday Sentinel and Milwaukee Telegram – February 14, 1926

Hans Bauer, fully recovered from his rough bout with Strangler Lewis at the Auditorium last Tuesday night, has another tough assignment facing him Wednesday night at the Gayety theater when he tackles Nick Gotch, the giant Ukrainian. Continue reading

Strangler Lewis Is On Gayety Card

The Milwaukee Sentinel – January 25, 1926

With Strangler Ed Lewis and Nick Gotch in the windup, and Hans Bauer and Frank Le Marke in the other half of the double feature, Milwaukee wrestling fans will be given a treat at the Gayety theater Wednesday night.

The appearance of Lewis is holding top attention, but the Bauer-Le Marke contests is expected to be one of the best of the current season. Continue reading

Wayne Munn’s Gang To Show At Gayety

The Milwaukee Sentinel – July 19, 1926

Wayne (Big) Munn, former heavyweight champion, and his troupe of wrestlers on a tour of the middle west, will arrive in Milwaukee today for an exhibition at the Gayety theater Tuesday night. Continue reading

Jack Rowett Once Met Farmer Burns

Ironwood Daily Globe – November 30, 1926

Fans, page Jack Rowett, old time Cornish star of the canvas, for hizoner, Farmer Burns, of the catch-as-catch-can school of tussling, is anxious to see him. A letter Monday to Jocco Harris contained a notification that the Farmer, gray-haired and aged, who dons his tights Friday night at the Memorial Building, will call on Rowett after striking town, hoping also that Jack won’t disappoint him if it’s possible for him to be home. Continue reading

Wayne Munn Wins From Pat McGill

Telegraph Herald – January 3, 1926

Chicago, Jan. 2. – (INS) – Wayne Munn, world’s heavyweight wrestling title aspirant, defeated Pat McGill in straight falls with his famous crotch and half Nelson hold, last night.  Munn tricked McGill into lowering his guard for the first fall after thirty minutes of grappling, by slapping McGill’s face.  The same trick resulted in the second fall four minutes later.

Stecher v. Zbyszko

Time – April 26, 1926

In a wrestling ring in Atlanta, Joseph Stecher, world’s heavyweight champion, pursued an old man. Every now and again he would leap in air, waving his legs —legs so prehensile that whenever Stecher wraps them around a wrestler’s stomach, the wrestler falls down in agony. The old man, bent nearly double, seemed tired; he staggered when he dodged the python legs. His head hung forward on his neck, but that neck was nearly as big as the head itself, for the old man was Stanislaus Zbyszko, aging Polish wrestler, But what was this ? The crowd rose, shrieking; the referee slapped the old man on the back. Zbyszko had thrown Stecher. . . . The old man got on his feet and smirked mistily at the gallery. What did he care that Stecher had won a previous fall, that in 13 minutes and 46 seconds he would have won the third and deciding fall? He, Stanislaus Zbyszko, was for that moment triumphant. He, nearly 50 years old, had thrown the world’s champion with a crotch-and-bar hold.

Rabbit Punches

Los Angeles Times – August 10, 1926
By Paul Lowry

No barking from the wrestling trenches yesterday. No challenges or counter- challenges. Everything quiet and serene. Lou Daro says there is no war. John De Palma, who started a rival show house last week, says the same thing. If that’s the case, we’re going to accept the statements as gospel truth, and this public notice to all rasslin’ press agents to take their blitherings about Pinkey Toes throwing five men of the rival tong in one night and Hairy Ears calling Running Nose a $10 wrestler elsewhere.

The presence in this city of “Strangler” Lewis and Billy Sandow, his manager, undoubtedly will bring up talk of a Joe Stecher-Lewis match for the heavyweight title here, but this seems so much idle gossip. Admittedly it is a $50,000 to $75,000 match in Chicago, and Los Angeles won’t go over $30,000 for it. Stecher is too much of a business man to risk his title against his highly revered opponent except where the intake is par or better, and the former champion, who dropped his title unexpectedly to Wayne (Big) Munn almost two years ago, is certainly not wrestling for love any more, if ever.

Rudy Practices Cauliflowering

Los Angeles Times – July 29, 1926

CHICAGO, July 28 (Exclusive) — Rudolph Valentino, who recently challenged the writer of a Chicago Tribune editorial to combat with boxing gloves or on the wrestling mat, will display his fistic talent at Jim Mullen’s gym tomorrow afternoon.

Tales of Rudy’s prowess as a boxer have floated into Chicago since he issued his defi to the writer, who had in a manner of speaking impugned his virility, and ring fans are anxious to see just what sort of a wallop he packs.

Mullen will have a number of boxers on hand to swap punches with the movie star, who contends that one can be a real he-man even if he wears his handkerchief in his cuff (and favors daintily scented shaving cream).

Joe Mondt Downs Wayne Munn In Armory Contest

Miami Daily News And Metropolis – November 23, 1926

NEW YORK, Nov. 23. – Joe “Toots” Mondt, known as the Colorado Cowboy, downed Wayne (Big) Munn, the Nebraska Giant, who held the world’s heavyweight wrestling title for a short time as the result of a victory over Ed (Strangler) Lewis, Monday night in the Seventy-first Regiment armory, where another contest resulted in a serious accident.  In this bout Hans Steinke, the German giant, came down on his opponent, Tony Hatches, with all the force of his 242 pounds.  Hatches was still unconscious one-half hour later when he was removed to Bellevue hospital.  The injured wrestler was said to be suffering from concussion of the brain and a possible fracture of the skull.

Charley Hanson was given a soft one in Tony Rocco, whom he tossed with a crotch and hammerlock in 18 minutes and 72 seconds.  Cyclone Ress and Martin Ludecke wrestled 30 exciting minutes to a draw in the opening bout.  Waldek Zbyszko and Alexander Garkaweinko were also supposed to have had it out, but the latter very suddenly disappeared and defaulted to Zbyszko.