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Don’t Get Excited Over Talk Of Mixed Match, Says Menke

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer – January 15, 1923
By Frank G. Menke

NEW YORK — Do not become unduly exercised over the “scheduled” mixed match involving Jack Dempsey and Strangler Lewis.

Chances are that it’s merely a bit of hokum designed to get a little publicity for Dempsey, Lewis and the town of Wichita, Kan. Continue reading



The Evening Independent – December 5, 1923

San Francisco – Ad Santel, claimant to the light heavyweight wrestling title, defeated “Bull” Osmen, Russian grappler in two falls.

Milwaukee Girl After World Wrestling Title

The Milwaukee Sentinel – November 15, 1923

Department Store Basketball Starts Climb To Strong Arm Fame.

BOSTON – (Special) – From a girls’ basketball team to the calcium is hardly the usual route, but the fact that it has brought fame to one who has traveled the route, must speak for its practicability and effectiveness. Continue reading

Wrestlers Draw In Kansas City

San Francisco Bulletin Leased Wire – May 10, 1923

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City is undoubtedly the center of wrestling in the United States at present. Reports from the promoters show that the total receipts of matches for the past eight months in this city is $500,000. The Lewis-Pesek match alone drew 15,000 persons.

Stecher Sub Takes On German Grappler

New York American – December 3, 1923

Substituting for Joe Stecher, Nebraska wrestler, Wladek Zbyszko , Polish giant, will lock grips with Richard Schikat, German grappler, tonight in the feature mat struggle of the second tournament of the season in the Seventy-First Regiment Armory. The clash will be to a finish, one fall, to decide the winner. In two other matches Marin Plestina will engage Hans St. Steinke and Renato Gardini will attempt to pin the shoulders of Yussif Hussane to the mat.

Jack Taylor Pins Pete Sauer

San Francisco Bulletin Leased Wire – May 10, 1923

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta — Jack Taylor of Winnipeg retained his Canadian heavyweight wrestling title last night, defeating Pete Sauer of Los Angeles two out of three falls.

Ozar And Gardner Will Clash In Armory Mat Match Tonight

Schenectady Gazette – April 27, 1923

Jack Ozar 4-27-23

Tonight’s Mat Card.

MAIN EVENT – Jack Ozar, Butler, Pa., vs. “Pink” Gardner, Schenectady; best two in three falls to a finish, catch-as-catch-can style wrestling.

SEMI-FINAL – Peter Gardner, Schenectady, vs. Lawrence Hamilton, St. Johnsville; best two in three falls in an hour.

REFEREE – James Mott, Albany, Timer – Charles Lawyer, Schenectady. Continue reading

Six-Foot Wrestler Says Five-Foot Wife Is Cruel

The New York Times – December 25, 1923

BIDDEFORD, Maine (Dec. 24) — Wladek Zbyszko, the wrestler, is asking for a divorce and charges that his wife Amelia has subjected him to cruel and abusive treatment. The case is on the trial list for the January term of the York County Supreme Court. Mrs. Zbyszko is a little over five feet in height and of slight build. Continue reading

Charlie Cutler Denies He’ll Retire

San Francisco Bulletin Leased Wire – May 10, 1923

CHICAGO — Charley Cutler, veteran wrestler, denied today that there is any truth in a story printed in a local paper that he will retire from the ring. “I am good for several years yet,” says Cutler.

Europeans Want To See ‘Strangler’

San Francisco Bulletin Leased Wire – April 30, 1923

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A cablegram has been received here from Dublin, Ireland, asking if “Strangler” Lewis will consider crossing the Atlantic for a series of wrestling matches.