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Mat Sport’s Acrobat

Ring Magazine – April, 1934
By Mike Cohn

The world of sport is full of freaks, but in no branch will you find so many varieties as in wrestling. Take for example Fritz Kley, the human contortionist who can fold himself into a pretzel appearance; Sol Slagel, another of the Kley type whose antics in the ring bring forth rounds of laughter and keep the fans in good humor throughout his match; Singh, the latest Hindu importation whose offerings of prayers followed by a continuous slapping of his right thigh have become familiar to New York fans; Matros Kirilenko, whose stately, soldierly carriage and his leopard’s skin robe have made him famous. Those are only a few of the many specimens in the mat world who have one or more peculiarities that have made a definite impression on the mat followers. Continue reading

Zarynoff Beats Winrow

The Examiner – August 20, 1928

Contestants Counted Out


The Russian wrestler, George Zarynoff (12.13) gained an easy victory over Jack Winrow (12.7), of England, at the Brisbane Stadium on Saturday night, scoring two falls to one.  It was a poor contest, and the contestants were frequently counted out by the crowd.  Early in the second Zarynoff secured a reverse Boston Crab, and a submission fall.  In the following round Winrow secured a headlock, and ultimately weakened the Russian sufficiently to hold him down for a fall.  In the fifth round Zarynoff threw the Englishman on his head, and secured a fall.  Winrow was in such a dazed condition that he was unable to continue.  Zarynoff was the smarter, and probably the more finished wrestler of the two.

The Sports Spy Glass By Hutch

Arizona Republic – March 3, 1931

Seems like I can’t get Pete Sauer out of my mind and with the mail carrying reams of copy about the great wrestlers of the day, I have the impression that Pete is being the run-around by most of the front-rank matmen. Continue reading

Count Zarynoff Here Tonight In Main Bout With Joe Kojut

The Lewiston Daily Sun – December 15, 1933

Meeting Of Al Mercier And Mr. Martin Has Spot

A wrestling program from top to bottom that could be stuck right into the Boston Arena and “pack ‘em in” has been arranged by Promoter Johnny McGee for City hall tonight and judging from the advance sale of tickets the past week, one of the biggest wrestling crowds of the season will turn out to take a peek at the assorted talent lined up. Continue reading