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Lewis to Meet Zbyszko

The New York Times – April 13, 1921

Champion Wrestler Will Defend Title in Benefit Bout for Irish.

The last important wrestling bout of the local season will be held May 6 at the Seventy-first Regiment Armory for the benefit of the Irish Relief Fund.  On that occasion Ed (Strangler) Lewis, giant Kentuckian, will defend his heavyweight championship against Stanislaus Zbyszko, veteran Polish grappler.  The men will wrestle one fall.  Promoter Jack Curley is conducting the match.  Curley expects, in view of the fact that the proceeds will be donated to the Irish cause, and also because of the championship element of the match, that the receipts will exceed any recorded here this season. Continue reading


Santa Clara News

The Evening News – April 4, 1921

The move launched several days ago by Charles Hackenschmidt, the famous wrestler now residing in Santa Clara, to establish a wrestling school in this city, is meeting with splendid success.  The wrestler stated yesterday that he is confident that he can secure the Santa Clara club hall on Alviso street for his headquarters and that the opening event will be held some time between April 10 and 15.

Of Local Interest

Lewiston Evening Journal – December 27, 1921

Charles Metro of Boston has been engaged to referee the matches in Lewiston City Hall on Thursday night when Cora Livingston, champion lady wrestler of the world, will meet an unknown competitor and Paul Bowser of Newark, Ohio, will meet Peter Goulette of Woonsocket, R. I.  This announcement was made Tuesday by Gus Legendre, manager of the Legendre Sporting club, who said he had negotiated the appearance of George Tuohey of Boston as referee, but Tuohey was prevented by business.  A preliminary between Young Tanguary and Kid Terry, both of Lewiston; they were signed Tuesday morning.

Zbyszko Says He Will Meet Plestina for Wrestling Title

The New York Times – November 16, 1921

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 15–Stanislaus Zbyszko, the world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, will be open to a match with Marin Plestina, who last night was awarded a decision on fouls over John Pesek at New York, if Plestina issues a challenge.  Jack Herman, manager of Zbyszko, made this announcement when informed of Plestina’s New York victory.  Herman said the only thing, as far as he is concerned, which has prevented a previous match is that Plestlna had not yet demonstrated his superiority over Caddock, Pesek and others near to the wrestling championship.

League Career Short

The New York Times – October 2, 1921

Joe Stecher, Wrestler, Plays One Game for Salt Lake City.

San Francisco, Oct. 1. – Joe Stecher, former world’s heavyweight wrestling champion who yesterday played first base for the Salt Lake City team of the Pacific Coast League in the game with Oakland, is through playing baseball and will not accept a contract to finish the season with the Bees, Frank Schuler, his manager, announced today.  Schuler stated there was too much chance of Stecher being hit by a pitched ball.

Zbyszko Keeps His Title

The New York Times – December 27, 1921

Wins Two Falls Out of Three in Match With Daviscourt.

BOSTON, Dec. 26.–Stanislaus Zbyszko, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, successfully defended his title tonight against Dick Daviscourt, the “Texas Giant,” by winning two falls out of three.  The strangle hold was barred and pin falls alone were scored.

Pesek To Wrestle Plestina Tonight

The New York Times – November 14, 1921

Rivals Will Meet In First Of Series Of Bouts To Be Held At The Garden.

The half-Nelson and the body holds, with an occasional toehold, headlock or scissors, will hold forth tonight In the ring at Madison Square Garden where the jab, the counter and the swing have been prevalent of late. Boxing gives way to wrestling, with Tex Rickard staging the first of several shows which he expects will bring about, through the elimination process, a settlement of the championship dispute. Continue reading

Paul Prehn Wins Match From Henry Irslinger

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – November 17, 1921

Urbana, Nov. 16. – By fast and clever grappling, Paul Prehn, University of Illinois wrestling coach, won two straight falls from Henry Irslinger, British middleweight, here last night.  The first fall was secured in 17 minutes by means of a reverse wristlock, while the last came at the end of 19 ½ minutes of tussling when Prehn clamped a toe hold on the former Lord Lonsdale belt holder.

Meyers Defeats Irslinger In Two Straight Falls

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – March 13, 1921

Chicago, March 12. – Johnny Meyers of Chicago, claimant of the world’s middleweight wrestling championship, defeated Henry Irslinger of Atlantic City, N. J., last night in two straight falls.  The first fall was conceded by Irslinger after a mix-up in which Meyers came in contact with Irslinger’s jaw, dazing him, in 48 minutes, 45 seconds.  The second fall came in 49 seconds as a result of a double wrist lock.

Bothner to Referee

The New York Times – October 25, 1921

Veteran of Wrestling Game Will Serve at Plestina-Pesek Bout.

George Bothner, former lightweight champion wrestler and for years regarded as one of the leading authorities on wrestling in this country, has been selected to referee the mat bout between Marin Plestina, giant Serbian, and John Pesek of Nebraska, which will be held at Madison Square Garden Nov. 14.  Bothner’s experience in wrestling has been not only as an active exponent of the sport but as instructor and referee and he knows the game from root to branch.  The Plestina-Pesek bout will mark the opening of a series which Tex Rickard will conduct during the season.