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Wrestling Last Night

Malone Evening Telegram – May 8, 1931
By The Associated Press

SYRACUSE, N. Y. – Jim McMillen and Billy Bartush drew, 45 minutes without fall; Hans Steinke, Germany, threw Willie Davis, Virginia, 12:20; Renato Gardini, Italy, threw Casey Berger, Texas, 36:00; Glen Stafford threw George Tragos, St. Louis, 10:43.

BOSTON – Al Morelli, 210, Boston college, defeated Pat McKay, 205, Memphis, Tenn., straight falls, 15:00 and 26:00; Stanley Stasiak, 240, Boston, and Nick Lutze, 215, California, drew, 30 minutes; George Zarynoff, 200, Russia, threw Louis Loew, 210, France, 19:00.


San Pedro News-Pilot – August 4, 1931
By The Associated Press

BUFFALO – Ed Don George, 219, Buffalo, defeated Stanley Stasiak, 253, Cambridge, Mass., two falls out of three (Stasiak first, 16:49; George second, 15:48 4/5 and 4:44 4/5) Len Macaluso, 195, New York, drew with Rudy Laditzi, 220, in 30:00.

Sonnenberg Takes Two Out Of Three Falls From McCoy

Nashua Telegraph – June 27, 1930

Has Easy Time With Boston Man

Holy Cross Star Takes First Fall

BOSTON, June 27, (AP) – Gus Sonnenberg, claimant of the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship, won two out of three falls from Bob “Bibber” McCoy, former Holy Cross athlete from Cambridge in a battle of flying tackles here tonight.  McCoy won the first fall in 33 minutes and Sonny the next two in 16 and 6 minutes respectively.

McCoy apparently shot his bolt during the 33 minutes of torrid wrestling for the first fall.  This came when Sonnenberg backed “Bibber” into a neutral corner to maneuver for flying tackle.  Before he could launch his butt, McCoy spilled him with a front headlock and banged his shoulders to the mat with a tackle and butt.

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Eliminate Three In Wrestling Bouts

The Southeast Missourian – February 14, 1930

Kansas City, Feb. 14. – (AP) – Three of the field of 30 heavyweight wrestlers entered in a series of matches planned by the Kansas City American Legion to pick a logical contender for the world title claimed by Gus Sonnenberg were eliminated today as a result of the first card last night. Continue reading

State Mat Champions To Meet Friday Night

The Milwaukee Journal – March 9, 1927

Champions of two states will meet Friday night at the Gayety theater when Ernest Scharpegge, Milwaukee, tackles Buck Olson, Minneapolis.  The Milwaukeean has laid claim to the Wisconsin heavyweight wrestling title, while Olson is generally acclaimed the champion of Minnesota.  They are about evenly matched as to size and weight. Continue reading

Illinois Bans Heavies From Wrestling Shows

Associated Press – January 21, 1930
By Charles W. Dunkley

CHICAGO – Heavyweight wrestling in Illinois was placed under ban indefinitely today.

The Illinois State Athletic Commission gave the sport a stunning blow after failing to interest wrestlers of all factions to enter an elimination tournament proposed by the commission to decide the championship. Continue reading

The Sports Spy Glass By Hutch

Arizona Republic – March 3, 1931

Seems like I can’t get Pete Sauer out of my mind and with the mail carrying reams of copy about the great wrestlers of the day, I have the impression that Pete is being the run-around by most of the front-rank matmen. Continue reading

Stasiak Subdues Gigantic Godfrey

The Globe – July 14, 1931
By M.J. Rodden

Sixty-five hundred fans turned out to see the unusual mixed wrestling and boxing show staged at the Arena Gardens last night, and the vast majority went home satisfied that they had seen a real attraction. George Godfrey, the Leopard of Lieperville, Pa., was the headliner in that he participated in a winning boxing match and in a losing grappling tilt. He tried the “ironman” stunt and broke even. Continue reading

Huge Task Faces Godfrey Tonight

The Globe – July 13, 1931

George Godfrey, huge Leiperville, Pa., colored heavyweight, will attempt to make sport history for Toronto by winning a boxing and a wrestling bout on the same program of the show to be held at the Arena Gardens under the joint auspices of the Shamrock and Arena Athletic Clubs. Godfrey, who has been training here over the weekend, is confident that he can accomplish the herculean task which has been set for him. Continue reading

Stanley Stasiak Dead; Victim Of Blood Poisoning

The Lewiston Daily Sun – September 14, 1931

Belleville, Ont., Sept. 13 – (AP) – Stanley Stasiak, Giant Polish wrestler from Cambridge, Mass., died in a hospital here tonight of blood poisoning which developed after he suffered a broken arm during a recent match. Continue reading