Boganski v. Irslinger

The West Australian – October 17, 1928

The wrestling match between Henry Irslinger, former world’s champion, and George Boganski, the clever Pole, at the Subiaco Oval on Friday night is attracting considerable interest.  The bouts already decided in Perth have left Irslinger and Boganski the outstanding wrestlers, Irslinger for his wonderful ring strategy against Burmister and Alley, and Boganski for his variety, speed and strength.  Both men are training hard for the contest, their tussles with their respective partners indicating their determination to secure the right to contest the world-title match with Eklund in Adelaide at the end of the month.

Two five-round boxing contests will precede the wrestling.  The English cricketers have been invited to be present.

Special trams will enable the crowds from the city to alight at Townshend-road for the oval.  Box plans are at J. Gleeson’s Hay-street.


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